Today has been. Today. Today has been today. How profound is that?

This morning I was messaging TC (a friend) which was good. T always makes me smile. Even just thinking of her. And she shared something cool with me. This morning as in my kind of ‘morning’. This afternoon went out. Was just really calm and okay. Didn’t take much cocodamol this afternoon.

Only took when I came home a couple hours ago. And then felt really icky. It’s like a bone weariness and exhaustion and general ickiness that comes from it. It was interesting to really see the effects.

RR said to set my sites on a goal. Any goal.

There is a dream I have. I wrote a letter I wish I could have told you this before you killed yourself. My dream is to have a selection of letters. To have a number of letters from others.

Would you write a letter? Would you write something like that? If you are happy to, please do, and post it, link it, share it etc. If there is enough we can do something with it…. one warning point though is that I want them suitable for everyone. So nothing religious there.

Today’s been good.

I want to use more and I don’t want to.

I don’t see another choice. But, it’s the first time in the past couple weeks that I’m thinking maybe I don’t want to always keep using cocodamol. That I don’t like how it makes me feel – physically, the general under the weatherness. That maybe I see a life beyond it.

So, that’s today. As I said, today has been today.


23 thoughts on “Today has been today.

  1. Dear Eliza,

    I don’t know of any magic remedy for what ails us. Life is difficult at times. But you had moments of insight and moments of joy today! Savor the good times.

    When you have bad times, try to remember the good times and what life can be like. Each day is a new beginning, an opportunity to make your life a little better. Be kind to yourself. None of us will ever be perfect.

    A quote that always helps me is “This too shall pass.” Or if you prefer Annie’s version, “The sun’ll come out tomorrow!

    I apologize for sending you cliches, but maybe they are cliches because they contain a grain of truth, and they are easy to remember. Find your own mantra. Live your own best life.

    Eliza, I may need a letter from you sometime. Hang in there!. Cheryl

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    1. Thanks Cheryl! I really appreciate the time you’re taking to read and respond to a stranger…

      I like Annie’s version. Made me smile. I’m trying to see that. That this space isn’t eternity

      Do you want to write a letter? As in something others can read or can be published or put together with other letters? I’m just trying to find a project, and honestly I would love to put together letters from others…

      And, thank you…

      Love, light and glitter


      1. Eliza, you are free to use the letter I sent and edit it as you wish. If you want something different, I will try again.

        You know that I am new to blogging. Your comments on my poems were very helpful to me.
        Thank you. Take care! Cheryl

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        1. I will do. Thank you πŸ’•
          I didn’t know you were new to blogging. I can’t say I’m very focused at the moment so… yeah…
          Love, light and glitter


  2. Keep talking to friends, they always help keep you afloat when you feel like you’re going under.
    Setting goals are even better so you have something to do, to keep you occupied.

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    1. Depends what you call religious. When people talk about Christ it’s jarring to me. Not when they talk related to themselves. When they talk related to what I should believe or turn to. On their own blogs, with pleasure.
      I want a resource for everyone. The jewish and Muslim and others will find christ and buddha against their beliefs so couldn’t share that with them. I know people take issue with the word god. The words Allah and hashem are the same as god. They’re not like Muhammad which will be like christ or Mary. Not about being rated x. But about being accessible to everyone without them feeling like they are being preached to. I’ve had enough bloggers commenting on my blog about believing in christ. When they talk about their own experience it’s okay, when they tell me it’ll help me it crosses a line. I’ve never said anything to them because they were random, isolated comments and they meant well.
      Does this make sense to you?


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