My thoughts on the previous post, love, and hugs, why.

The Sunday post spoke to me….

For those who don’t know, I’m Jewish.  With the anti semitic attacks having risen so high, with all my friends and neighbours scared to walk in the streets, scared to identify as being Jewish. With the Christian cleaner in my school telling me she was working there one night and had been terrified hearing the cars outside because they were a few females in the building together, alone. I found this post apropos.

Unless you’ve lived through it, you don’t know what it’s like to be afraid for your life, to walk along formerly safe streets, to be scared driving to your local Tesco (not scared in Tesco, was scared driving there) just because of your race or religion.

This isn’t a political post. It’s my thoughts. It’s not about Jews, or Palestinians, or Muslims. It’s about love.

I’m on Instagram. I’ve reported posts, and comments, that say that all Jews should die, some giving gruesome methods. Any time I report such a thing, I get a response that it fits the community guidelines, it isn’t hateful, offensive, or hurtful, to read a comment telling me that Hitler didn’t do his job well enough, that hamas should throw another 40,000 rockets. Yet a post from a jew saying stand up for love, I want peace not hate, is often removed. Freedom of speech? Are people even seeing a full picture? Knowing a full picture? Or being fed a false narrative. Is it okay for my friends to get numerous death threats, constantly, in their private messages, and the comments on their posts? Simply because they’re Jewish.

All Jews aren’t zionists. All Muslims aren’t terrorists. There are numerous accounts now, of the pro Palestinians beating Jewish girls, I’m broad daylight and public. Who stands up for them? In the US, a Muslim uber driver saved 2 Jewish girls. Why are they being attacked? Why is no one else standing up for them? Why do people not research facts, and just spread hatred and fear? Why should I be afraid to go for a walk 10 minutes away from my house? Why should I be afraid to tell someone I meet – I’m Jewish? Why is it u safe for my friends to wear necklaces with hebrew writing? Why is it okay for Christians to be afraid to be in a Jewish school building alone? Why do all Jewish institutions have to have security guards?

People believe the infographics they read, the infographics that spread lies and hatred, rather than facts and love.

That’s why I shared that post. Because it’s not about who you are. It’s not about what you believe. It’s about love. It’s about unity. It’s about freedom.

Stand for peace. Stand for love. Stand for freedom. For every single person in the universe. For the Syrians and Afghanistans being attacked by their own countries. For the Chinese who live under communist rule. For the refugees stuck in refugee camps without basic amenities. Stand for peace. Stand for love. Stand for freedom. Stand for unity.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you! If you see this, I hope you know it’s for you… Happy 16th! I think it’s your 16th….

Sending sunshine and sparkles to everyone.