Sunday Sunshine and Sparkles

Supermarket giant ASDA has issued a message to all shoppers who struggle to pay for the food they’re buying. The supermarket giant says it is committed to helping as many people as possible as food prices soar to worrying levels.

Because of inflation, many people have found themselves struggling to pay to feed their own families. As such, ASDA has launched a new Just Essentials range – which aims to keep prices as low as possible.

Now ASDA has gone one step further. The supermarket announced the news on Instagram, where it was heaped with praise for the ‘incredible’ gesture.

The retailer wrote: “Today we’re thrilled to launch our Essential Living Hub – an online money-saving advice site to help parents navigating the cost-of-living crisis who face a new financial challenge this summer – managing the summer holidays on a budget.

“The ‘Essential Living Hub’ is a one-stop website where customers can access a wide range of hints, tips and hacks, which go beyond the weekly food shop, covering how to save energy, budget better, buy and cook smarter, entertain the kids for free and even eat out without paying a penny.

“The hub comes as more than three-quarters of parents (78%) told us they would have to cut back on holiday activities such as day trips, cinema visits and eating out because they are struggling to afford these treats.”

On the website you can find plenty of recipe tips to cook on a budget, as well as advice on how to take your family out for pennies this summer.