Day 14: What recent challenge are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for the last time I messed up – a few months ago. I’m grateful because of all it taught me. I’m grateful because seeing what it was like for me then, using to burn and burning, actually showed me how far I’d come. Everything in life can be a stumbling block or stepping stone. I stumbled. I fell. And I hope I used the month of messing up to learn how much going present means to me. I hope it taught me to be grateful. I hope I used it to grow. I’m grateful for it because it makes me appreciate where I am today, that I’m here just being, not messing my life up. I’m grateful because of the appreciation it gave me, awareness, for the journey, and that messing up is just a part of the journey of life.

Gratitude challenge day 14: Spend the day being an optimist.

Love, light, and glitter


7 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge: Day 14

    1. I know 🙂 19.42 to be precise. I only posted about half 4. I decided I’d tried to be optimistic for the beginning of the day so it counted – else I would say it’s tomorrow’s challenge.

      Love, light, and glitter

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  1. I’m not sure – I guess the challenge of dealing with my students, but then again I’m not grateful that they’re having a hard time. Not sure how to answer this one!

    Oh this one is easy for me, thank God!

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    1. They’re both true. That you’re grateful you can help them, and all you learn from it, and wish they wouldn’t need your help.


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