F:AK – The Kindness Rock Project

Letter to myself: 12th August 2020. I’m with you.

Dear E

I’m here. I’m with you. I’m sorry I can’t take your pain away. I can be with you. I am with you. I will be with you. I can’t ease the pain. I can, am, and will stay with you through it.

You will get past it E. Life, just living, doesn’t always hurt so much. Some days are easier. Some days are harder. Some days will be easier. Some days will be harder. Every day I will hold your hand and stay with you. Every day I will be ready to hold you if you let me.

I love you E. I will always love you. There is no way you can ever obliterate my love for you.

Always and forever


F:AK – paying it forward

In continuation of Sundays sunshine post – Sunspened Coffee

F:AK – Can we make a difference?

Friday – Acts of kindness.

I love stories about teenagers and all they do. It’s inspirational and shows how every person can make such a difference.

This is a news article about 17 year old Seb who did 100 acts of kindness for 100 people. You can read the news here.

Giving helps me more than others. Spreading light brightens the darkest corners in our own world.

What act of kindness can you do this week?

My goal for the next 12 hours is that if someone asks me a favour, to say ‘sure’. By the time this posts 8 of those hours will be up. Today I gave someone a ride and focused on them for that time. The greatest kindness I can do is to myself. Although there are some ways I can’t be, there is one way I’m thinking of that I can. For the next 24 hours.

What kindness can you do for yourself?

Love, light, and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 18

Gratitude Challenge

Day 18: What invention are you grateful for?

Hmm. Light switches! Cars. WordPress. Bottled water.

What invention are you grateful for?

Gratitude challenge day 18: Think of what you are grateful for before going to bed.

This is a good one and pretty easy if I remember. I’ll try to 🙂

Love, light, and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 17

Gratitude Challenge

Day 17: What in nature are you grateful for?

Everything. I don’t think I can choose a specific thing. A couple pictures from the past week.

All my pictures are always taken on the automatic setting and are unedited/filtered. I love the raw beauty of the world.

In the left half of the picture is a tree , the bare branches of it, through it and a bit to the side you see a pond surrounded by bushes.
Yellow daffodils with blue sky
Flowers and buds
Left and right are tree trunks, behind it - between - is a pond with bushes.

If you have any pictures to share please link them so that I can see…

Gratitude challenge day 17: Write about your favourite part of the day.

That’s a tough one. I’m not really doing anything nowadays. The best part of the day is probably looking outside and seeing blue sky. And holding my niece. Last night when I was up all night I heard animals and birds singing and talking. That was amazing…

What’s the best part of your day?

Love, light, and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 5

Gratitude Challenge

What about your body are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my brain, which does more than is ever possible.

Gratitude challenge: Make an effort to smile more throughout the day

I’m going to try. I didn’t do yesterday’s challenge yet and want to do it still. I’m on edge so smiling anyways is a good idea.

I’d love you to join me with the challenge:)

Love, light and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 4

Gratitude Challenge

Hey all, I haven’t done this until now. Thanks M for the reminder… I haven’t had time or been on because I’ve been busy with good things. I didn’t want to do this half way either, I wanted to ensure I had time for the challenge. I’m looking forward to continuing with this, aiming for 3 days a week. And I’m looking forward to hearing/reading how it was/is for you.

What new skill are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for mindfulness. For being able to ground myself and focus on what is going on around me in the present rather than staying only in my head. Something I’m still learning… which ties in with today’s challenge.

Gratitude challenge: Meditate for 10 minutes

I’m going to try and listen to a mindfulness breathing recording for 10 minutes. I’ll put on the one that is about 10 minutes long…

Love, light and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 1

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude question: What moments are you grateful for?
Gratitude challenge: Write down three things that you are thankful for.

These can be answered any way wished. I’d love to see your answers… if you join please share your posts or link it so I can read it. I’m aiming to do the challenge for 3 days this week and three days next, then hopefully for 5 days going forward. Join whenever you wish, and have fun!

Day 1: Write down 3 things you are thankful for?

  • Nature
  • Connection
  • That I now want touch – even if I can’t ask for it or get it.

Day 1: What moments are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for moments of beauty
Moments in nature
The times I get to see
The full picture.
I’m grateful for the moments of life
That are living reality
Particularly for the moments
I’m able to just be.
Every moment is a journey
One I want to be thankful for
Take a breath and say
I want life – for sure.


Some of the moments I’m grateful for in pictures.

Love, light and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 3

Gratitude Challenge

What food have you eaten are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for snackers. I’ve been having that because my stomach is a bit of a mess, and they’re perfect for the job.

Challenge: Go one full day without complaining

I’m going to try finish the rest of the day without complaining – about anything at all. Or even just the next hour or so.

Thank you for joining me in this challenge! I’m looking forward to your answers.

Re yesterdays gratitude challenge – of showing appreciation to someone, at quarter to twelve I messaged the person I wanted to thanking him for the support he has given to me the past few years. If not for it being the days challenge I wouldn’t have done so. And I texted someone a really nice message.

I’m thinking of staying off work tomorrow, if I do I may have time to do it. I prepared the heading of this post in advance, otherwise I would have just left it. I’m looking forward to continuing with it next week some time.

Love, light and glitter