A friend posted this quote on her whatsapp status

Quote appreciate how far you've come on a post it note.
Remember to appreciate how far you have come. There is little point in us striving for growth if
we can’t value our progress.

So I looked up some more of the same… I find the quote/saying very apropos for today, for always. It’s hard to see. It’s hard to look back and see that there was a journey, especially when it seems like it’s all been dissed and ruined. When it seems like I’ve wrecked it by self harming and continuing to. For, their is no wreckage of the journey taken. It still happened. It still was. And it was all awesome. Regardless of what today is. Today can never take away the passed.

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.

Love, light and glitter

Happy Monday!


13 thoughts on “Quote for the day – appreciate how far you have come

  1. These are all quite fitting my dear. I had a conversation with som about reminders just yesterday. They do not like to be reminded. Well as I have seen too often that we as humans forget so readily and easily. We need those reminders. And with this one it’s fitting for us both and so many others. For every step we take is progress. Thank you for this.

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    1. Every step takes us a step further along the path of life. I love how my mindset seems so positive (even if my actions aren’t).
      Love, light and glitter

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      1. We can be our own best friend and worst enemy at times. You’re halfway there. Keep that positivity in mind. Even when it’s hard. We both know. My thoughts inside too were positive. For the most part. They vied. To others I tried to encourage and to myself I was at battle. You will get there. I know it and will always believe in you. We all fall we all fail but keep going as you do this journey will end with you better than you are now. Ended yet not but replaced by a new goal a new journey. I look forward to hearing about that one too.

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  2. Exhausted, you jog beneath leaden skies. Does the prospect never vary?

    Wait a second. Pause and catch your breath, then pop up above the clouds. Peer off to the horizon. What is that? It’s too far away to come into focus.

    Why, it’s where you started. Seriously? You had no idea you made it this far.

    Realizing that provides a welcome burst of energy. Good thing, too, because we, your traveling companions, begin to clamor.

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