Friday – random acts of kindness.

Medtronic are sharing their blueprints for their ventilators. The CEO of Medtronics Israeli division made that decision this week. They’re sharing details of the manufacturing process too, so that other companies who want to manufacture ventilators will have the ability to do so. They’re teaching how to use them. They’re saving the world, one ventilator at a time. They can’t meet the current demand despite doubling and soon to be tripling their creation, despite joining with other manufacturers, so they want to help others manufacture them too.

Read the story in the news here.

We can make the world better. One moment at a time. We can’t give to that extent, or most of us can’t. Every act of kindness, even staying inside to protect others, causes ripple effects that we never know the ramifications of.

What kindness can you do for someone else? What has someone done for you?

May your Friday sparkle
Credit: google images

15 thoughts on “F:AK – sharing blueprints of ventilators

  1. That is wonderful. I have been calling people who are isolated and elderly. Our neighbors are sending round robins about essential supplies. Thank you for being you! ❀️

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  2. Here the automotive plants (also known as “The Big Three”) are shut down due to the Coronavirus, but they have retrofitted machinery and are now ramping up to produce ventilators. Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for doing anything for anyone – sorry to admit that.

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