Always forgive others, not necessarily because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace of mind.
If we unite nobody falls

This one really deserves a post on it’s own. Which is why the post is so short.

Calculate your next travel destination.

Love, light and glitter

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46 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 15

    1. I loved that conversation!!!!
      The test was just a good one – not fun at all….
      Forgiveness is important because I’ve been seeing a lot of people’s takes on it and it’s what I wish I could tell them. You’re letting go of the hold it has on you, not making them right.

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  1. Woaho!!!
    I got Number 9 in the last one!! How crazy is that??!
    Awesome post, laughed at the meme Grandpa one.
    Love always,

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      1. I did, it all just amounts to 9!
        This is one of those crazy math tricks, isnt it? I’ve always loved them but never understood them.
        How’s it going?
        Love always,

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    1. Me too. I tried every single number out….
      Greg said he chose 2 and 8 ninths and got England. I’m sure he tried them all out first, too.


    1. Forgiving in my opinion means letting go of the hold it has on you. So no need for dinner or even communication if unnecessary.
      I loved the travel destination!!!

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  2. Ha, Eliza. Great collection, as always, Maybe a bit more thought-provoking than were the others, but nice mental exercise for this stage of the pandemic.

    I don’t understand why everyone else is getting 9 on the travel calculator. I ended up with “19. Detroit” What gives?

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      1. Look, I’m an American. We don’t make wishful thinking math errors. We make numbers our b*tch. I mean, how else can we be reporting declines in cases everywhere when most states are barely testing and people I know there are taking two full weeks for what limited tests we have to come back outside of the coasts? We don’t cave to numbers. Numbers cave to us! (And this is why most of the rest of the world is going to keep excluding Americans from tourism long after the saner countries re-open to each other. I did read Bali might actually be one of the few places willing to accept American tourists this fall. I probably shouldn’t *want* to be part of any travel club that would have Americans as members, but if Trump wins again in November the rest of the world can swab me daily, demand an antibody passport, whatever they want. I will *need* a break from the insanity so hard…)

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        1. You made me laugh here.
          Yeah, they’re doing the same here. Wasting money on tests and sending them out in the post – except they can’t actually be used at home. Reporting declines and lessening lockdown when it’s impossible to get tested unless you’re nearly dead in hospital….
          So if course you can report declines πŸ™‚ join the world in impossibility. I hope you do get a break. Indonesia sounds relaxing. I’ll pick Spain any day.

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          1. I did pretty well out of my trip to Spain from what we laughably called another tourist “disaster” in days past. (Oh, the days when some ash in the air was considered a full-on “disaster!”) I was in Spain when that Icelandic volcano grounded all flights years ago. I ended up getting to extend what would have been just a quick couple of days taken on top of a conference into a full-scale vacation covered by the same funding source that had funded my trip to the conference in the first place. Given my extremely limited student budget, that ended up being one of the more “high-end” trips I took for years. And my per diem covered an excellent mix of street food most days supplemented with one very nice “splurge” meals since they just gave a set amount each day with no maximum budget per meal the way most per diems work now exactly to discourage that kind of min/maxing of resources.

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            1. That’s so cool! That volcano caused chaos. Yeah, it seemed like the end of the world then, though if you think about it… it feels like it was just yesterday but it couldn’t have been!


  3. Hahah these are good! The forgiveness one, the more serious of the picks here, is a really good one to remember; forgive because we deserve peace of mind, I like that. How’re you doing Eliza? I really hope you’re managing as well as possible. Stay safe lovely.
    Caz xx

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    1. Living with ED completely but okay. Baking. Colouring. I would love a set of 50 staedtler fineliners. My first buy when I win the lottery?
      How are you?


  4. I did it so many times and I got nine… at first I was mad! I’m like hell no… home is the last place I want to be when this virus is over! But then I realized there’s a catch! Good one

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