You did it!! We did it!!

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We’re at the end of 2020. And you did it. I did it. We did it. I didn’t think I’d make it through the year, yet here I am. Here you are. It’s been one hell of a ride these past months. Although I haven’t replied to the comments on my last posts, I’ve read them all. And I’m really touched. It surprises me that you’re here and care despite how MIA I’ve been.

Congrats for making it through 2020! Let’s celebrate…

Here’s to a year….

Hopefully next year I’ll be more present amongst you…

Lotsa love and sunshine

E (not Eliza, I just dunno how to change my blog name).

Sunday sunshine and sparkles – Joy’s mission to spread joy.

I’m not sure whether to out this in sunshine and kindness. Another little human who is an inspiration to us all. Joy, we can all learn from you.

You can donate if they still accept donations here.

Sunday sunshine and sparkles: 100yr old veteran raises millions to help those impacted by covid 19

Tom Moore completed 100 laps of his garden to raise money to help those struggling because of the virus. He was aiming for a thousand before his 100th birthday on the 30th April 2020 but he far surpassed his goal.

Image of Tom in his garden. Screenshot of just giving page showing he raised 32 million, 796 thousand, and 357 pounds to help NHS charities.

Tom’s walk inspired 90 year old Margaret Payne to climb her 17 stairs a total of 282 times – 2,398 feet – to raise money. You can still donate to her campaign here.

I’d love to see your sunshine and sparkles…. please write, or share.

Love, light and glitter

F:AK – Landlord helps tenants instead of evicting them.

Wes Moberly lost his job and couldn’t pay his rent. After 2 months his landlord Ellery Lewis went to check up on the family. Instead of evicting them he gave the family $100 towards their necessities, taking a load off their shoulders, and will work out a repayment plan with them- and all his other tenants who can’t afford to pay rent due to Coronavirus work difficulties.

You can read more here or here.

My Cronavirus experience/thoughts

I just read an article on that explains why positive and inspirational messages can be detrimental to some people. I loved it… you can read it here.

It made me think of my experience. How I’m doing more things than I was and how this time is so good for me in so many ways.

I put the article first because I don’t want anyone to think that because it’s good for me it has to be good for them…

There’s a few points. One great point was made my S to me recently. She asked me how I was handling it. She said Covid 19 has tipped the world upside down. There are people whose lives were always organised and ordered. They felt like they were in control. Now they are faced with their frailty. They’re faced with instability and a lack of control. However, there are people whose lives are a mess anyways. Who never felt safe within themselves or the world. Their internal world is always upside down. The world turning on its’ hinges might make it even worse – as it has for so many people- and it might not.

There is more calm and stability in my life because of Covid 19, not less. I’ve not been working which means I have so much more time. The time is good for me because it gives me space. I never realised how much pressure I found work to be, but I did. There’s the need to constantly be on the ball, constantly be present, constantly work to help the children. Anything less would be shortchanging the children I work with. I didn’t find the morning such a pressure as so many of my lessons were free lessons. Now that I’m not working I don’t have that pressure.

There was also the pressure, more the anxiety and intensity, of bring around people for so many hours a day. I’m an introvert both by nature and even more so by nurture. I’m awkward around people. Even if they don’t see it. I’m not a part of groups and don’t know how to be a part. It’s not that I always want to, I don’t, I just want the option to be. Now that I’m not at work I don’t ever walk into a staffroom full of people who are all groups that I’m not a part of. I don’t have the constant intensity of being around others.

All the time means I’m blogging more – neither good nor bad. Means I’m online a lot more, not necessarily good, but neither bad. I wish I’d be able to get myself to study more but I’m just not, and that’s okay.

I’m running, couch to 5k, which is amazing for me. I’m so glad I am.

Just been busy. Doing nothing much. I’ve been scrapbooking the last couple of days – something that was left to me, which was good, just crazy busy! But busy with good things.

S said another interesting point, that the energy of the world was unsettlement and pain. She seemed to think it made sense I’d stopped eating. It’s actually good for me in a sense. However unhealthy a coping mechanism it may be it’s giving me the ability to handle the world.

People are stressed around me. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the virus, just their personal life circumstances. Although for some the virus definitely is exacerbating what is going on. I’m trying to keep my emotional boundaries.

For the most part I’m loving the lockdown and the time it has given to me. I hope and pray I don’t start school anytime soon although it seems like the government are set to start on the 1st. I hope my school don’t. I honestly can’t face it….. and if I go into school for the afternoon I’ll be wanted in the morning too. I’m not working in the morning although some people are. All I can do is hope and pray that I don’t have to go back anytime soon and love this whilst it lasts (with shavuot this weekend I anyways don’t have school for the next week. If not for the virus I’d probably be away with my family). It’s the time I love. The time, space, and no pressure….

I hope you are all doing okay and looking after yourself in the best way possible…

How has the lockdown – the time it brings, not the rest of the lockdown – affected you? Do you appreciate not having to see others or do you miss people? Do you have more or less time/headspace?

You are awesome and enough.

Love, light, and glitter

Coronavirus quotes 15

Always forgive others, not necessarily because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace of mind.
If we unite nobody falls

This one really deserves a post on it’s own. Which is why the post is so short.

Calculate your next travel destination.

Love, light and glitter

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Happy birthday to someone special

Happy birthday to someone very special.

In lockdown it’s tough. You don’t know how you’ll be celebrating. So instead we’re all celebrating here with you.

Due to anonymity I can’t mention who this post is about. Someone special who I hope you’ll all join me in celebrating the birthday and sending birthday wishes on here. This post is scheduled to be published on the birthday.

Love, light, and glitter

Coronavirus quotes 14

It’s been such a joy being home with my wife the past 3 weeks. We’ve caught up on all the things I’ve done wrong in the past 30 years.
2020 in one sentence. A roll of toilet paper is worth more than a barrel of oil.
Dog asks: why are all the humans wearing muzzles? Did they all bite someone?
When we come out of this and I ask where you want to eat I do not want to hear ‘I don’t know’. You had 45 days!
Avoid touching men to spread the virus (mouth, eye, nose). Follow women to prevent the virus (wash your hands with soap, obey social distancing, mask to be used properly, exercise regularly, never ignore above four lines).
Ok everyone, how do you catch the Coronavirus? By being around someone who has it. Correct, so what should you do to avoid getting sick? Buy all the toilet paper…
Day 35 of quarantine: went outside today and it was so nice to feel the breeze blowing through my leg hair.
How often does one need to change ones sweatpants poll. 5 percent say every day. 13 percent say every 2 days. 53 percent say nothing matters anymore. 23 percent ask what are pants? Out of 32 thousand 216 votes.
When the covid 19 horror is over and we go back to our Norma lives never forget that during the crisis we were not desperate for lawyers, actors athletes or reality tv stars. We needed teachers, doctors, nurses, shop workers, delivery drivers and countless others who we usually take for granted.
Day 35 of quarantine… can you blink a little more quietly please?

I’d love to see your favourite memes/quotes…

Love, light and glitter

Coronavirus quotes 13, Coronavirus quotes 12, Coronavirus quotes 11, Coronavirus quotes 10, Coronavirus quotes 9, Coronavirus quotes 8, Coronavirus quotes 7, Coronavirus quotes 6, Coronavirus quotes 5, Coronavirus quotes 4, Coronavirus quotes 3, Coronavirus quotes 2, Coronavirus quotes, Coronavirus – chad gadya, How do different countries react to the Coronavirus?

sharing ventilator blueprints, Toilet paper kindness

May your Wednesday be filled with love, light, and sparkle.