You did it!! We did it!!

These are the images I've posted recently on Instagram We're at the end of 2020. And you did it. I did it. We did it. I didn't think I'd make it through the year, yet here I am. Here you are. It's been one hell of a ride these past months. Although I haven't replied…

Sunday sunshine and sparkles – Joy’s mission to spread joy.

I'm not sure whether to out this in sunshine and kindness. Another little human who is an inspiration to us all. Joy, we can all learn from you. You can donate if they still accept donations here.


My Cronavirus experience/thoughts

I just read an article on that explains why positive and inspirational messages can be detrimental to some people. I loved it... you can read it here. It made me think of my experience. How I'm doing more things than I was and how this time is so good for me in so many…