It’s been such a joy being home with my wife the past 3 weeks. We’ve caught up on all the things I’ve done wrong in the past 30 years.
2020 in one sentence. A roll of toilet paper is worth more than a barrel of oil.
Dog asks: why are all the humans wearing muzzles? Did they all bite someone?
When we come out of this and I ask where you want to eat I do not want to hear ‘I don’t know’. You had 45 days!
Avoid touching men to spread the virus (mouth, eye, nose). Follow women to prevent the virus (wash your hands with soap, obey social distancing, mask to be used properly, exercise regularly, never ignore above four lines).
Ok everyone, how do you catch the Coronavirus? By being around someone who has it. Correct, so what should you do to avoid getting sick? Buy all the toilet paper…
Day 35 of quarantine: went outside today and it was so nice to feel the breeze blowing through my leg hair.
How often does one need to change ones sweatpants poll. 5 percent say every day. 13 percent say every 2 days. 53 percent say nothing matters anymore. 23 percent ask what are pants? Out of 32 thousand 216 votes.
When the covid 19 horror is over and we go back to our Norma lives never forget that during the crisis we were not desperate for lawyers, actors athletes or reality tv stars. We needed teachers, doctors, nurses, shop workers, delivery drivers and countless others who we usually take for granted.
Day 35 of quarantine… can you blink a little more quietly please?

I’d love to see your favourite memes/quotes…

Love, light and glitter

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sharing ventilator blueprints, Toilet paper kindness

May your Wednesday be filled with love, light, and sparkle.

25 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 14

  1. In Poland, many people will die of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases not related to the virus, because covid 19 does not work well health clinics and hospitals.

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  2. Way to go, President of the Morale Team!

    Wherever you keep finding these, Eliza, keep them coming. These are great. Among the best are the human muzzle and the “You’ve had 45 days!”

    Oh, as it now is Thursday for you, I’m supposed to remind you about the olive oil in the torta caprese, if you still are so inclined. Good luck if you are.

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  3. I am so glad I found your little corner of the internet and read these. πŸ˜‚ They definitely brought a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I’m glad it made you smile. That makes me smile for that was, is, the point of these posts. To make you smile.
      Hope you have a super day…
      Thanks for passing by!
      Love, light and glitter


  4. I especially like the one about who we needed during corona time. Where to go out to eat made me LOL. I think I better make a list or my favorite restaurants.

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