She says I overthink

She doesn’t know the half

She says I overthink

She’s not there

The nights I send myself into a dizzy

She doesn’t see

The times I make myself oh so dizzy

And she says I overthink

She says I overthink

She doesn’t even know

The tailspin

Which my mind can go

I journal it through

To put some of it down

When it’s on paper

It stops it going aroun’

And she says I overthink

She says I overthink.

I wonder what she’d say

If she were there through the night

The nights I can’t make it stop

Though I use all my might

The nights I keep on freaking

Though I keep up the fight

Would she still say I overthink

Or know that doesn’t begin to describe

The mess my head can be

When it hurts for me to abide

Would she say I overthink still

When I just want to go to bed

When I wish I could stop the words spinning

Round and round in my head

When I try my best to replace it

With anything else in its’ stead

She says I overthink

Do I overthink I wonder

Does that even begin to describe

The storm gone asunder

She says I overthink.

She says I overthink.

What do words mean to you?

So many words
They dance
They twirl
They flit
They swirl
The words
So many words
These words
So many words
As the letters
Come together
In my head
One after
So many words

Poetry, rhymes, descending lines

I was having a conversation
With Kate on her post called folly
I replied in descending
Syllables. Had her guess
What it was I did
The first lines are
Here for you
To read

Can you finish the nonsense above?

I chose to write in descending syllables
Because of I remembered Girl of two worlds
She did some verse on her awesome blog
Her words were like glittery pearls
I planned to do it just now
For a moment in time
But continued on
Found it really
Lotsa fun
Your turn

Write it on here
Or your blog
To link