She says I overthink She doesn't know the half She says I overthink She's not there The nights I send myself into a dizzy She doesn't see The times I make myself oh so dizzy And she says I overthink She says I overthink She doesn't even know The tailspin Which my mind can go…


What do words mean to you?

WordsWordsSo many wordsThey danceThey twirlThey flitThey swirlThe wordsWordsSo many wordsJumpingPlayingLaughingRunningThese wordsWordsSo many wordsAs the lettersCome togetherIn my headOne afterAnotherWordsWordsSo many words

Poetry, rhymes, descending lines

I was having a conversationWith Kate on her post called follyI replied in descendingSyllables. Had her guessWhat it was I didThe first lines areHere for youTo readEnjoy Can you finish the nonsense above? I chose to write in descending syllablesBecause of I remembered Girl of two worldsShe did some verse on her awesome blogHer words…