Gratitude challenge: Day 22

Gratitude Challenge

Day 22: What attribute of a source/higher power/god/energy/force, are you grateful for? Hmm. Love. Unity. Gratitude challenge day 22: Write down three things that you appreciate about your boss. This is even tougher! Her care for every student. Her logical brain that works things out. Her willingness to go above to help the students. Love,…


Gratitude challenge: Day 13

Gratitude Challenge

Day 13: What season of the year are you grateful for? I love the months of spring, when it begins to get warm, more and more, we hear the birds call. Buds sprout, plants grow, there's no need, for the sun to lie low. I love spring, a season of hope, a season that tells…

Gratitude challenge: Day 11

Gratitude Challenge

Day 11: What colours are you grateful for? Colours. So many colours. The orange/pink of the sunset as it paints the sky The pink of the sunset as it paints the sky, The black, blue, white, of the birds as they fly The green of the grass as it aims high The blue as it…