What do words mean to you?

WordsWordsSo many wordsThey danceThey twirlThey flitThey swirlThe wordsWordsSo many wordsJumpingPlayingLaughingRunningThese wordsWordsSo many wordsAs the lettersCome togetherIn my headOne afterAnotherWordsWordsSo many words

MBSR (2) – Primary and Secondary Experiences

Mindfulness attitudes - Beginner’s Mind or Curiosity, Patience, Non-judging, Non-striving, Kindness and Compassion towards ourselves and others, Trust, Acceptance or Allowing, Letting Go 

I don't think I'll write this well but wanted to put this down for someone here. Random thought. Mindfulness reminds me a lot of Innate Health. Of just being. Reminder of mindfulness attitudes • Beginners mind - curiosity• Not judging• Patience• Non striving - don't stress too much - have a goal but don't put…


Random ramblings 89, Part 3 (anxiety?)

Continuing today... I feel like I can't breathe. And, I kinda want to use. The thought has been floating around my mind the past few days. Not just nights. Also about self harm, but that's easier because it's much less. I don't want it in the same way. I'm sure that if I actually use…

Random ramblings 89. Part 1

I don't really know what I want this post to be about. Or what it will be about. Hence the title. My world is a pretty weird place at the moment. And there is a knock on the door. But I'm not sure who is there. I'll go see if it's someone I'm happy to…