Photos for the day: Frost on leaves

This is my favourite! As is the featured image. I actually have a number of posts in my head to write but let's assume it won't all be done today... I'd love to see your frost pictures! Especially the interesting ones that aren't all on greenery... Love, light and glitter

Photos for the day: Raindrops on leaves

I took these pictures on a couple of different days. I thought to leave it until I had more, and I definitely will post more, but decided to post them now. Raindrops on leaves... Do you have any pictures of raindrops? If you do please share. After I wrote this took these pictures Love, light…


Photo for today – rainbow on the pavement

I was walking along and saw a really awesome rainbow on the pavement Rainbow on the pavement It looked gorgeous and I thought of Linda (hi!)... Rainbow on the curb Linda told me to take pictures of the amazing things I see, and just this once I actually listened... Rainbow swirl I found the swirl…