Sunday Sunshine and Sparkles- The Forest Man

This is a little heavier then just sunshine and sparkles but I wanted to share it here… Jadav Payeng planted a forest in Majuli. One tree at a time.

Sunday Sunshine and Sparkles – the dog and the butterflies.

Have you ever wanted to see a dog and butterflies play together? Milo is friends with the Monarch butterflies, as you can read about on bored panda.

Or you can watch Milo with the monarchs on Instagram.

I’d love you to share or link your sunshine and sparkle posts…

Love, light and glitter

Why does the sky look blue? Reblog

Have you ever wondered why the sky looks blue? Why you see an awesome sunset or sunrise at night of different colours? Read the following post to understand…. the picture is posted by DrUniverse, it’s not one of my own but part of the reblog.

Hi Guys! Today, I’ve got an awesome physics for you’ll. Hope you’ll enjoy! Why can’t I eat chocolates for breakfast? Why is the sky blue? Whenever I asked these questions as a child, I was told “it just is”. I’ll leave you to do the chocolate one but today I’m going to explain, why the […]

Why does the sky look blue?

Love, light and glitter

Wordless Wednesday

If I wasn’t running I’d have gotten more pictures. I’ve kinda stopped posting pictures here because once I’ve posted it here I won’t post them elsewhere. Just for today… (I’m posting this for Linda inspired me to as I’m liking her WordlessWednesday posts)

2 geese next to each other, their necks crossed over each other - fighting
Their necks are crossed over each other
2 geese, buting each other
2 geese. Looking away from each other. Ignoring.

Photo for the day – flower blooming

A purple blooming flower atop a stem. In the background the lake and trees behind it are blurred

Really I took a lot of pictures today. Was thinking of doing a Linda’ish post, taking you on my walk with me. Sharing the pictures of the baby squirrel who came really close to me (who i had to leave as the baby/toddler with me was getting scared of it. Why is she scared of a squirrel and not of the geese, birds, kitten we met, or dogs???) Maybe when I have time.

Love, light and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 17

Gratitude Challenge

Day 17: What in nature are you grateful for?

Everything. I don’t think I can choose a specific thing. A couple pictures from the past week.

All my pictures are always taken on the automatic setting and are unedited/filtered. I love the raw beauty of the world.

In the left half of the picture is a tree , the bare branches of it, through it and a bit to the side you see a pond surrounded by bushes.
Yellow daffodils with blue sky
Flowers and buds
Left and right are tree trunks, behind it - between - is a pond with bushes.

If you have any pictures to share please link them so that I can see…

Gratitude challenge day 17: Write about your favourite part of the day.

That’s a tough one. I’m not really doing anything nowadays. The best part of the day is probably looking outside and seeing blue sky. And holding my niece. Last night when I was up all night I heard animals and birds singing and talking. That was amazing…

What’s the best part of your day?

Love, light, and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 16

Gratitude Challenge

Day 16: Which new places did you see and love?

Spain! The islands and beaches there are awesome.

Gratitude challenge day 16: Recognise three things that you usually take for granted?

I don’t think I take them for granted, but breathing, my garden, and my family.

Looking forward to hearing your responses…

Love, light, and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 15

Gratitude Challenge

Day 15: What sounds are you grateful for?

3 birds facing different directions on the sand
I’m grateful for the sounds of birds as they sing,
For the trees as they rustle is the wind.

I’m grateful for sound of voices, with all the varied lilts and choices.

I’m grateful for all the sounds I do hear, for they all are so dear.

I’m grateful for the sounds of a childs laughter,

for the crashing of lightning of thunder,

Im grateful for the sound of a babys cry

for the water as it ripples by,
I’m grateful for the sound of the leaves as they flutter to the ground
For the pitter, patter of the squirrel as it comes around (Linda, I took this picture for you a long while ago).
I’m grateful for the sound of the ocean crashing
For the sound of rain falling
For the sound of geese hissing (hear the birds chirping?)
Of gulls and swans fighting
For the sound of a cat running

I’m grateful for all the sounds of life, though my favourite is nature and children. I learn from listening. I learn from stillness. I’m grateful for all the sounds I hear.

I was thinking of taking out those I don’t have pictures for (I do, but am not including family photos).

Gratitude challenge day 15: Write down five things that you like about yourself.

Hmm. I like my loyalty. I like my innocence, what people think of as naivety. I like how I believe the good in everyone. I like how I keep trying, sometimes. I like that I love knowledge and learning.

What are 5 things you like about yourself????

Love, light, and glitter