What is Your Religion??

I loved this post. Really my thoughts on this deserves a post on its own, but….

What is this world? What is religion? What is god? I don’t use the term ‘god’ much for it has a lot of religious associations to me, so I don’t see it as the reality it is, but rather think of ‘god’ as a being I can’t stand. Yet, what is this ‘god’? To me, the way I view it, is that the world was created with the big bang. The energy that existed previously – to be the force of this energy and the big bang – exists in the entire world. The entire world is energy, is consciousness. That is what ‘god’ is to me. The source. The energy that exists and runs the world, that is the source of the world, that gives life to the world – is the life of the world, of us, of everything, and is all, just, just is. It all is. This is something Ashok wrote down really clearly.

Therefore, we’re all one. Religions come along and say, this source of the world is something that someone was able to tune into enough to receive prophecy, or connect enough, and knows what this source wants of us. Because we want to connect to the source.
All of that is good. It’s good so long as it’s about love and light and joy and connection. It turns its back on itself when it’s used against people. When it turns to preaching.

Love. Light. Glitter. That’s what this post was about. About tuning into the beauty of a source of a world. Love. Light. And glitter.

Keep sparkling. Keep believing – in yourself, in your beauty, in the beauty of the world around you, in reality, in your reasons to live, to be, because you just are, and because you’re awesome just coz’ you are, and coz’ just by existing you’re an expression of the source of the world, of the energy that is, of the what I’d like to believe is love and light.

Love, light and glitter

Musings of a Wanderer

I am a Hindu by birth. But if someone asks me what is my religion, I would say:

  • It is KINDNESS

And my God is:LOVE

My God is not sitting in a temple or a church or a mosque or any other place of worship. There is no god sitting on any mount or in any heaven!!

The love in our hearts is God! If we are kind, if we are compassionate; we are godly; we are spiritual!

There is no God outside of you. There is no God outside of me.

There is no God who can ever be explained or defined!

Love doesn’t need any language. Love is a feeling and it can only be experienced. Love only needs loving! And God Being Love needs only loving. God too can only be experienced.

Hindu scriptures describe God as: Satchitananda — Sat Chit Ananda


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