Chag sameach – happy pesach, passover

Happy passover/pesach. Pesach is for the next 7 days in Israel, 8 days in the rest of the world. 1 seder night tonight in Israel, 2 nights followed by shabbat here. Pesach is a time of freedom. Whether or not you celebrate this time, and however you may celebrate, wishing you all freedom from the…


Gratitude challenge: Day 10

Gratitude Challenge

Day 10: What tradition are you grateful for? It's just after purim here, so, perfect timing! I'm grateful for the tradition of giving mishloach manos - 2 foods - on purim. I'm grateful for all the traditions of the day. Which are building connections. It's a day of appreciation and gratitude. And I'm lucky to…

Dialogue with a source. Why is there darkness in the world? – Part 10

I was rereading this. And, and I like it. I like what I wrote and am reminding myself by reblogging it.

Journey to life

I haven’t written here in a while. Haven’t wanted to. Or been able to look passed what happened.

People were killed now in Hurricane Dorian. A kid. It somehow seems so tragic when it’s a child.

Life. A mixture of light and darkness.

  • Source of the world, why?
    Because of a magnitude of reasons too great to fathom
  • S, are you light or dark?
    Both. Neither and both. Everything. It’s all the same.
  • So which are you?
    Neither and both. It isn’t good or bad. What you see as bad may not be bad, what you see as good may not be good.
  • So what are you?
    Everything. You are everything too.
  • What is darkness?
    Darkness is different. Darkness isn’t the good or the bad. Darkness is the lack of light.
  • So S, how do you dispel the darkness?
    By shining a light E. By turning on the light.
  • Is…

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Happy Chanukah

First night Chanukah. Public menorah. Centre is the shamash- flame used to light the rest of the lights. Second night chanukah (tonight) Wishing you all a happy holidays. I haven't been around much because my head is a mess so don't, for the most part, have headspace. I thought with it being hols I'd have…

Chag sameach!!!

I love how the buses here wish everyone a good chag - a good holidays (it's sukkot). The image is a bus with the words chag sukkot sameach - happy sukkot. Enjoy the holidays, whether you are or arent celebrating. Love, light and glitter Eliza

A new day. Yom Kippur. ED

Today is a new day. But, is it really? It is. I guess it is. I've not been freaking at all and I'm grateful for that. It's been a busy morning. I was up last night, had in my head the lyrics 'up at night'. Woke up from a dream and was up for 2…

Working through what I believe – Part 8

Infinity. Almighty. He told me that R' Noah Weinberg didn't use the word god, he wonders if that was because it has christian connotations. Not that there's anything wrong with Christianity. That people associate 'god' with things it isn't necessarily. I agree. God, to me, has no associations or connotations. I think he understood what…

The word god – Part 7

God. The word itself is filled with so much meaning. The word 'god' brings up different things for different people. Some people will associate it with love, others cruelty, and anything in between. I know I've written about this before. Who is god? What is god? I hate the word 'god' for it's so generic…