Sunday Sunshine and Sparkles- Rescue dogs adopts orphaned kittens

Anita Osa of Sunshine Dog Rescue (cool rescue centre name, right?), rescued Georgia, an Australian Shepherd mix who mourned her litter. Anita, following advice, gave the mother some orphaned kittens to nurse. The video is long, but I chose this one because it was uninterrupted.

#WATWB Good People Doing Good Things — In Times Of Trouble

This post is absolutely awesome…. if you want to know what kindness is, and how one person can make a difference – no matter the age.

This week’s ‘good people’ post is just a bit late, but hopefully worth the wait. The trash man watcheth … We don’t give much thought to our trash collectors, or binmen … they come once or twice a week, pick up the trash, and that’s that.  They likely don’t give much thought to us, either.  […]

Good People Doing Good Things — In Times Of Trouble

I’m sharing this post for my WATWB post – we are the world bloggers, spreading light in a world of darkness. Watwb posts are shared the last Friday of the month. I’m sharing it in advance because Friday is Shavuot for me.

What kindness can you do? How can you spread love and light?

Love, light, and glitter

WATWB – The Happy Newspaper

The Happy Newspaper was created by Emily to share happy news and has been distributing copies since 2015. Emily was just 21 when she launched this and could never imagine how much of a brand it would become.


The Happy Newspaper shares – you got it, happy news. Right up my street!

Someone shared this and it’s perfect to pass on. In a world of darkness, spread light – and sunshine, glitter, and hope. There is so much goodness and giving in the world. What will we share? The darkness or the joy?

Even more inspiring to me is that Emily is my age. I can’t imagine myself having done this. The Happy Newspaper is an icon now

Check out the Happy Newspaper Website or find them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

Let’s spread sunshine and light…

Love, light, and glitter

WATWB’s cohosts this month are Eric Lahti, Susan Scott, Dan Antion, Damyanti Biswas, and Kaur Uppal

WATWB – A police officer comforts a child on a train.

WATWB – we are the world blogfest is about spreading some light in the world that can appear to be dark. The news is filled with darkness. Rather than look out only for the dark, look for the good. To join WATWB click here

This story really touched me, how someone in authority went out of his way to help someone who needed it. Just because. For no reason other than to be nice. As always, the news I choose to share is about the random acts of kindness. I’ve only included part of the story, you can read the full story here.

Taylor’s 4-year-old son, Andrew, looks like any other preschooler. So, when he melts down in public, bystanders assume he’s a just a spoiled kid having a tantrum. “No one realizes he’s autistic,

On the train, Andrew was persistent on wanting to get out of the seat to stand in the middle of train while moving and running back and forth through it (which of course if he did he would fall). I kept trying everything to get him to sit, but he just wouldn’t (this fight went on for 20 min), that is when he his regular toddler tantrum turned into a meltdown, or what I call, the point of no return for him. He started rolling on the floor, screaming, his shoe fell off and he flung it across the train, all while I’m on the floor trying to calm him down (in a dress) with all the candy I had. Then he starts the kicking, hitting, pulling my hair while everyone in rush hour stares on the train……..

I knew we had to get off….Now we’re rolling around on the dirty station floor. He is  covered in black dirt…. I panic as I see someone walking towards us, but it turns out to be a Metro Police Officer. As soon as he comes over Andrew freezes and stares while holding my hands, body mid air, feet stretched out on me, while I was standing. The officer asks me if I needed any help… Without hesitation he said, “Okay I’ll come on the train”.

The officer ends up riding the metro THE ENTIRE train home with us!!! Whenever he got off he would hold Andrews hand and walk with him. He sat next to Andrew as he requested on the train, acted interested as he showed him silly videos, and he even made funny faces in the Instagram face filters when Andrew asked.

This officer COMPLETELY went out of his way to help Andrew. He honestly restored my faith that there are good people still left in the world.

MSN News

This months WATWB cohosts are Susan ScottPeter Nena, Shilpa Garg, Mary J. Giese, and Damyanti Biswas (thanks for starting this),

What act of kindness can you do today?

Love, light and glitter