Gratitude challenge: Day 19

Gratitude Challenge

Day 19: What did you learn last year?

It’s an apropos time for this question.

I learnt how to be just a bit. I learnt how to tune into a source. I learnt to pause before reacting. I learnt some patience. I learnt that life is a journey we’re all travelling on and the point is the journey not the destination. I’ve learnt to keep my boundaries more. I’ve learnt that if I do something negative I can leave it at that, it doesn’t have to mean more. I learnt to live more that I attribute the meaning to anything. I learnt a bit about a source of the world. I learnt… I can go on and on. I’m grateful for all I’ve learnt.

what is one thing (or more 🙂 ) that you’ve learnt?

Gratitude challenge day 19: Sign up to volunteer for a day in your community.

A bit tough to do that at the moment

Love, light, and glitter

F:AK – Being kind is never out of season (reblog)

I loved this post, as it is such a perfect random act of kindness post, and just right for a F:AK (Friday – acts of kindness) post.

Thanks for sharing Micah, and letting me reblog it.

What act of kindness has someone done for you recently? What can you do for someone else?

I made a friend some peanut chews and bought my family florentines that they like for shabbat.

Love, light, and glitter

Shabbat shalom!