Photo for the day – flower blooming

A purple blooming flower atop a stem. In the background the lake and trees behind it are blurred

Really I took a lot of pictures today. Was thinking of doing a Linda’ish post, taking you on my walk with me. Sharing the pictures of the baby squirrel who came really close to me (who i had to leave as the baby/toddler with me was getting scared of it. Why is she scared of a squirrel and not of the geese, birds, kitten we met, or dogs???) Maybe when I have time.

Love, light and glitter

Gratitude challenge: Day 13

Gratitude Challenge

Day 13: What season of the year are you grateful for?

I love the months of spring, when it begins to get warm, more and more, we hear the birds call. Buds sprout, plants grow, there’s no need, for the sun to lie low. I love spring, a season of hope, a season that tells us, don’t mope. Months of renewal, the days get longer, I hope that with it, our hearts get bigger.

Gratitude challenge day 13: List 3 things that you like about your job.

  • It’s a way of giving back.
  • I like my workmates in one of my jobs, and the other it’s a good work on my character to see the good in the good people who I don’t necessarily appreciate.
  • I like learning.

Love, light, and glitter