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Hey y’all. I’ve gotten a few blog awards recently but have never responded, one of the main reasons is because I don’t want to insult the people I don’t choose. Then I was reading someone’s post about blog awards. That they help new bloggers. So I decided to answer them, sorta. Instead I went through my readers and those I follow, and chose the bloggers that aren’t yet followed by hundreds to highlight here. I don’t know all these people well. Some, I do. They’re the most gorgeous people who take the time to read and respond to my posts. Like that’s what makes them gorgeous :). They’re inspirational and calming.

There were more I’d highlight, blogs I really like, but the bloggers haven’t posted in a while…

These blogs are a mixture of life thoughts, mental health, addiction, science, cooking, and love.

Of course, they’re newer blogs!

Christina, relationships – Christina is a relationship coach – which she studied due to her life history – and gives relationship advice on her blog.

Crystal Byers – a writer and blogger who lives (?? In the US??)) and shares wisdom and wit.

Eilidh Horder – she writes tips and advice and awesomeness ‘turn down the white noise and find your song’

E.V. Rambles – a blogger journaling about their life with anxiety, running (!) and as the title suggests, rambles.

Free to be V – Vanessa was an alcoholic and shares her message of recovery and mostly, hope.

Genuine gems – a blogger sharing their life gems. As the title says – genuine gems!

Heather – a published author and blogger who muses about life, poetry and with helpful advice.

Julie – Bandito – Julie is, you got it, a Bandito fan 🙂 an awesome artist, and a great writer.

Musings of brown girls – Roohi and Nida are sisters who give life advice artfully explained through their bullet journals – really pretty.

Michelle – happy as a pig in the mud – an Australian who gives life advice and awesomeness, a kind of zen.

Rtisha – started her blog a couple of months ago. I can’t think of a single category to describe her or her blog. A teen at home who loves reading and writing.

Science Girl – science all wrapped up in a bow. Request your topics, Science Girl will deliver! She wants you all to love Science as much as she does :).

Something over nothing – a mental health blogger with some great, and detailed posts.

Terrified Amatuer – if you want recipes with a backstory, food to savour, and great writing tied in one K is the blogger for you.

I was going to tag some more people but before I do so I have to know if they’re interested. I didn’t ask any of these people first…. I didn’t ask any of you but I think you’re awesome and I’d love others to get to know just how amazing you are!!

This is my version of the blog awards – maybe I’ll make another post mentioning them. (In case you didn’t realise, it’s alphabetical order, I’m scared of hurting others…)

If you want to go more award style then please write a post and share/promote some new bloggers, or those that could do with more followers and help them be a part of the community here more. Remember to write something about them or their blog… and please link it here – I’d love to meet new bloggers, especially during this time. And you can always write a couple facts about yourselves. We’d all love to know more about you… (please

Take care of yourself… you are worth it!!!

Love, light, and glitter

I know I’m a little late in the day, but, may your Wednesday be filled with love, light, and sparkle bright!

Merging blogs, downloading blogs, wordpress help


Are there any wordpress gurus, or technical experts, who know how to do this?

Someone created my site and is moving hosting, so is downloading the site, and I’ll have to either find hosting and transfer it to a new hosting (or get someone to do that for me), or merge the site with this site.

Is there anyone who can talk me through it step by step? Or do it for me? Or know someone who can do it?

Any ideas whether I should keep it as 2 sites, or merge the posts into this site? I don’t actually mind merging the posts here, it’ll be easier to have one site in a way, although it’ll be a shame not to have a site that really is only reasons to live. Not sure….. and if I merge the two I probably won’t have enough space on here for it. However it works….

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, help would be appreciated…


Love, light, and glitter

And so the journey begins – or continues…

I’m creating this as another blog site. I wonder if it’s a good idea or not. I wonder if I’m crazy. I wonder if I’ll regret it. The past week so much has been going through my mind. I’ve been struggling a lot and a lot has happened – in my head – and I’ve been wanting some place to put it all down. Every time I ramble on my site – I feel guilty. For the site is meant to be about reasons. Were it posts about life, that are reasons to live, even if indirectly so, I wouldn’t feel as guilty. But writing about the struggle not to use cocodamol? Or writing about the therapist I saw a few times who offered touch and when I freaked about it told me she couldn’t work with me as she wasn’t attuned to me – without waiting to hear that I actually appreciated the offer, I just waited to find out that it wasn’t crossing boundaries (which it wasn’t). About the journey to find a therapist. About what I want from life (to know what’s going on in my world!). I honestly feel like I’ll be boring anyone who reads this to death. Yet I want to do this. I want a space to write. I want a space to be. I want to find a space that maybe I’ll feel just a tad less alone. I wonder if this will help. I wonder if this blog will come to life or not. I wish I could write more on my site. I wish I could think of more reasons to live. I want to. I really want to. At the moment when every moment is a struggle I can’t. It’s not even such a struggle, for there’s just such distance – between me and the world, between me and myself. When I try dialogue journaling which often helps, I just meet the nothingness, the real ‘nothing’ that there’s nothing there at the moment. I know it’s both positive and negative. I never edit what I write. It’s also just freeflow. I plan on continuing that here. Maybe here I’ll feel okay to do the quote challenges and things that I like and often see.

Anyways, this post is meant to be an introduction to this site. I wasn’t sure what to title it. Journey through life. Journey to life. So I did both. The tagline of my other site is ‘journey from suicidality’. I thought it apropos to call this ‘journey to life’. It IS about that. About my journey to life. I’m not about to end my life. I don’t want to be here. I want to get to a place where it’s about living. About loving life. For as my tagline goes, well one of my taglines ;), so long as there’s life, there’s hope.

I’d really love your support and guidance here. If you ever have any, thanks in advance…

Love, light and glitter