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Hey y’all. I’ve gotten a few blog awards recently but have never responded, one of the main reasons is because I don’t want to insult the people I don’t choose. Then I was reading someone’s post about blog awards. That they help new bloggers. So I decided to answer them, sorta. Instead I went through my readers and those I follow, and chose the bloggers that aren’t yet followed by hundreds to highlight here. I don’t know all these people well. Some, I do. They’re the most gorgeous people who take the time to read and respond to my posts. Like that’s what makes them gorgeous :). They’re inspirational and calming.

There were more I’d highlight, blogs I really like, but the bloggers haven’t posted in a while…

These blogs are a mixture of life thoughts, mental health, addiction, science, cooking, and love.

Of course, they’re newer blogs!

Christina, relationships – Christina is a relationship coach – which she studied due to her life history – and gives relationship advice on her blog.

Crystal Byers – a writer and blogger who lives (?? In the US??)) and shares wisdom and wit.

Eilidh Horder – she writes tips and advice and awesomeness ‘turn down the white noise and find your song’

E.V. Rambles – a blogger journaling about their life with anxiety, running (!) and as the title suggests, rambles.

Free to be V – Vanessa was an alcoholic and shares her message of recovery and mostly, hope.

Genuine gems – a blogger sharing their life gems. As the title says – genuine gems!

Heather – a published author and blogger who muses about life, poetry and with helpful advice.

Julie – Bandito – Julie is, you got it, a Bandito fan 🙂 an awesome artist, and a great writer.

Musings of brown girls – Roohi and Nida are sisters who give life advice artfully explained through their bullet journals – really pretty.

Michelle – happy as a pig in the mud – an Australian who gives life advice and awesomeness, a kind of zen.

Rtisha – started her blog a couple of months ago. I can’t think of a single category to describe her or her blog. A teen at home who loves reading and writing.

Science Girl – science all wrapped up in a bow. Request your topics, Science Girl will deliver! She wants you all to love Science as much as she does :).

Something over nothing – a mental health blogger with some great, and detailed posts.

Terrified Amatuer – if you want recipes with a backstory, food to savour, and great writing tied in one K is the blogger for you.

I was going to tag some more people but before I do so I have to know if they’re interested. I didn’t ask any of these people first…. I didn’t ask any of you but I think you’re awesome and I’d love others to get to know just how amazing you are!!

This is my version of the blog awards – maybe I’ll make another post mentioning them. (In case you didn’t realise, it’s alphabetical order, I’m scared of hurting others…)

If you want to go more award style then please write a post and share/promote some new bloggers, or those that could do with more followers and help them be a part of the community here more. Remember to write something about them or their blog… and please link it here – I’d love to meet new bloggers, especially during this time. And you can always write a couple facts about yourselves. We’d all love to know more about you… (please

Take care of yourself… you are worth it!!!

Love, light, and glitter

I know I’m a little late in the day, but, may your Wednesday be filled with love, light, and sparkle bright!