F:AK – Can we make a difference?

Friday – Acts of kindness.

I love stories about teenagers and all they do. It’s inspirational and shows how every person can make such a difference.

This is a news article about 17 year old Seb who did 100 acts of kindness for 100 people. You can read the news here.

Giving helps me more than others. Spreading light brightens the darkest corners in our own world.

What act of kindness can you do this week?

My goal for the next 12 hours is that if someone asks me a favour, to say ‘sure’. By the time this posts 8 of those hours will be up. Today I gave someone a ride and focused on them for that time. The greatest kindness I can do is to myself. Although there are some ways I can’t be, there is one way I’m thinking of that I can. For the next 24 hours.

What kindness can you do for yourself?

Love, light, and glitter

A little birdie told me you have books here. #WATWB

Wordless Wednesday – allow your photo(s) to tell the story.

A little birdie told me you have books here. #Wordless Wednesday #I see a birdie book, but it’s about lovebirds.

Linda shared this post (and the following links!) and I thought it was perfect for WATWB. Little free library Instagram account. Well worth checking out to see pictures of the little free library’s around the world… You can find out more about Little Free Libraries here.

I love this because people are sharing what they love and spreading joy, light, and hope through their books…..

Which is what WATWB – we are the world blogfest – is about. Spreading light in a world where people spread so much darkness. There is all the light. Let’s spread it! Join WATWB here.

Happy Friday!

Love, light, and glitter