Do I password protect my last posts?

I'm thinking about this. About password protecting my last posts. Because they're on the darker side and that's not what my blog is meant to be about. I don't care for my sake if they're up. I posted them, and it helped me to write, and you people here have been invaluable. Thank you for…


Is suicide the solution?

Suicide. It's a word that scares many and brings hope to others. I started my blog elizareasonstolive (which for now is down) when I wanted to focus on the reasons to live, rather than reasons to die. I would post reasons to live, at the same time as doing things to end my life. I…

Can one recover from an Eating Disorder

What does recovery look like?

So many people view recovery as complete abstinence from whatever it is (too many things to list) for life. Although for now that is how it is for me, I need the complete abstinence for else I’ll mess up, I believe it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe recovery means that it’s no longer a part of your life. That it’s a non issue.

What do you think?

Thank you S.S for writing and sharing this. I really appreciate it! For proving that it can be done.

Recovery IS possible.

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.

Succulent Savage Says...

This post is for Eliza following her request earlier today. Check out her blog

I’ve written a number of posts about living with and overcoming from an eating disorder. Today I want to talk about living in recovery. I’ve been recovered for about 10 years now. It’s different in so many ways. One of them is having the ability to actively choose to self-soothe with food without going in a full relapse.

Shortly after my mother died I had a stressful day that pushed me to my emotional limits. Grief, stress, and worry weighed on me. One of those days where everything goes wrong and nothing helps relieve it. I’d used every coping skill in my arsenal. I thought about how much I just wanted a piece of cake. I went through the mental gymnastics of how it wouldn’t really make it better and all the reasons why…

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Gratitude challenge: Day 20

Gratitude Challenge

Day 20: What role model are you grateful for? Hmm. This is a tough one. I'm really not sure. There's no one I can really think of. There's actually someone who modelled some of what I really should learn from, but she's the worst person to choose for a role model. There isn't really anyone…

Who serves whom?

Just a thought. If I use (applies to self harm, ED, anything), who is serving who? Is using serving me, or am I serving using? Really, in my head it goes Do I serve (at the alter of) using, or is using serving me? I find that thought quite sobering. I mean figuratively, but literally,…

Will acknowledging what I want make it worse?

Someone wrote something to me along these lines and it reminded me of all the times I've wondered if I should accept what I want. There's an inherent problem with accepting what you want (or what happened, a situation, what you feel et al,), for acceptance requires complete awareness of what is. There's no way…