10 thoughts on “For Kate

  1. wow wow and wow!

    Love the dandelion in all its incarnations! And that path could be the one I frequent when I venture into Sydney … then that lake it is super awesome! The gentle colours, texture and reflection … it is indeed heaven on earth 😉

    Thanks for sharing these Eliza, love you!

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  2. For Kate, but really, for all of us. Thanks for letting us sneak into the gallery!

    As you may recall from a previous discussion, the second pic, of the curved path lakeside, is the best you’ve shown so far.

    So far. Though you have so much creativity, so much imagination, yet to be. So, what’s next?

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  3. this is just amazing Eliza!! it’s just not the pictures.. I can actually feel your presence in them, like, you enjoyed being there. Photography should make you feel the photographer’s presence in them.. that’s what I call a good shot!

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  4. Beautiful Ellie – this is what I am missing by not going on Instagram more. You have missed your calling … find yourself a job or situation where you can use your photography skills.

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