I’m okay. For the first time in I don’t know how long those words have some truth to it.

I’ve left my house although I don’t need to. To come and sit here.

It’s beautiful here. And peaceful. And yes, I kinda knew I’d write when I get here. I haven’t sat down to write for myself in so long. For there’s never anything to say.

It’s cold….

Have holidays. No school today. Which I’m so grateful for. I can’t handle work.

I’m not sure what to say. For I have nothing to say.

This morning I had an appointment for a B12 injection. I was nervous. Because I had one 3 days ago and the nurse asked me what a blister was. Today it was a different nurse and thankfully she didn’t ask any questions.

It’s seriously cold.

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  1. December’s light is beautiful. You sound as calm and your surroundings, it’s nice to hear your moment of serenity. May you have more and more of those moments.
    Ps: so glad you’re getting the B12, I hope it gives you a physical boost to help 🤗

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    Whoa… that looks gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed your time there!
    Yay, no school. No school is (nearly) always good :)))
    Yikes… but, at least the second nurse didn’t ask.
    Merry Christmas, E!!
    stay sticky,

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  3. Beautiful, Eliza. Tranquil and inspiring at the same time. No wonder you’re feeling better now than you have in a while.

    Just one thing that would make it even better? Snow.

    In July, not so much, but in winter it really makes the season, don’t you think?

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