She says I overthink

She doesn’t know the half

She says I overthink

She’s not there

The nights I send myself into a dizzy

She doesn’t see

The times I make myself oh so dizzy

And she says I overthink

She says I overthink

She doesn’t even know

The tailspin

Which my mind can go

I journal it through

To put some of it down

When it’s on paper

It stops it going aroun’

And she says I overthink

She says I overthink.

I wonder what she’d say

If she were there through the night

The nights I can’t make it stop

Though I use all my might

The nights I keep on freaking

Though I keep up the fight

Would she still say I overthink

Or know that doesn’t begin to describe

The mess my head can be

When it hurts for me to abide

Would she say I overthink still

When I just want to go to bed

When I wish I could stop the words spinning

Round and round in my head

When I try my best to replace it

With anything else in its’ stead

She says I overthink

Do I overthink I wonder

Does that even begin to describe

The storm gone asunder

She says I overthink.

She says I overthink.


46 thoughts on “Overthinking

  1. sorry sweetness that jumbled turmoil is overthinking and there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing it down to get it out! A diary is ideal … I couldn’t stay awake with you all night but my snoring might lull you into a bored slumber 🙂

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  2. I’d rather overthink than not think at all — or whatever Trump and his supporters call the reasons for what they do (oh, I almost forgot — Trump rarely even tries to justify what he does).

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  3. Ah, Eliza. Overthinking is our lot, like it or not.

    Our minds are always going, aren’t they? Much as we strive for spontaneity, we can’t just turn off the process when we interact with others.

    You know, my inner dialogue hasn’t given me a moment’s peace ever since I learned to speak. Before that, probably, as my mind likely raced without words to fuel it. I suspect you can say the same thing.

    Hey, what do you expect? We’re intellectuals, after a manner, and thinking is kind of our party piece. Sure, we try to keep it under control, but the opposite is, ahem, unthinkable.

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  4. Overthinking is a word I don’t like, since it seems negative related, while the process it describes can in most cases actually be negative. I personally came to the conclusion, that overthinking is the trial of the brain to find a solution to given problems, which then often seem out of reach. And since the brain, like the good ol’ problem solver machine it is, tries to get a solution anyways, it keeps thinking things through. The interesting part is, when after a lot of this so called “overthinking” some things actually start to come together. At least in my case this happened several times throughout my life. But usually I tried to forget what I found again, since I seemed to be alone with it, at least most people where I live. You can of course also get into nonsense thinking after some time, I know and nope, I don’t want to tell you something about how you feel, just try to tell how it was or is for me and maybe show you another side of it this way. When I started to have written conversations with myself, while giving different characters different roles and such things, I actually started to sort my thoughts and make sense of the thoughts. It didn’t always help and could also be not helpful at first or maybe at all. Still it was way better than trying to get rid of it, ignoring it or whatever. Some people even write whole books or even multiple books and scripts this way. I mean even Harry Potter got created this way, at least in the beginning. Because the author of it was depressed or what I read and then got into writing this, which seemed to have helped her, at least back then. Okay I stop because I really don’t want to seem as if I want to tell you how you should live your life or something like that… sorry, I just don’t want you to suffer from thinking. The brain will usually stop when you give it a solution and if it is just a temporary one. This is just how the brain works, at least as far as I know. It needs a solution and otherwise can’t stop the process of finding one (or whatever it then does after some time). I usually get into this mode when I had to go somewhere or do something which I was really scared of, hated or such things and then I was usually awake the whole night in my bed. It obviously didn’t make the thing I didn’t want any better, just worse… like exams for example, new school or even work. I had to finally give myself a break and also allow myself to do what I actually wanted. Which was first of all just sleeping a long time and then just feeling good and relax. I hope that it was okay what I wrote and again, the overthinking is just a signal that there is something bothering, hurting, scaring or pressuring you, while you can’t seem to find a direct / clear solution. I think you know what it is and in any case your are not what is wrong, you as a human being. You should be allowed to feel good and be able to actually do what you would like and feel how you want to feel or just feel. And also discover these things, while you can’t see or experience them anymore. I really hope writing things down helps you as it helped me after some time, although it sometimes seemed to be wrong, it still helps me. 💜💜💜

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  5. Eliza,
    I tried to comment on your next post, but it won’t let me if it’s private! So I just wanted to send you a hug because words sometimes don’t cut it. And just wanted you to know you’re in my thoughts and I hope you’re okay. Take it easy and get some rest. It’s not the answer by any means, but it can’t do any harm and it might just help 💕

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          1. I can’t read any more of your last 3 or 4 protected posts Eliza, you have changed the password and haven’t given me it anymore. So you probably already know I couldn’t read your last post even if I wanted to?
            It goes without saying I hope you are okay.

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            1. The passwords are the same… I just checked.
              Yes, I’m okay. Well, yeah. They just include details that aren’t appropriate for others to read but that I want recorded. I’m sad I ever crossed that boundary to start off with.

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              1. Weird. I tried it a few times, thinking it was just me being cack-handed but it failed. Just worked now though. I can’t comment here as you password protected it, so I want to keep your confidence, and I can’t comment there as it blocks me for some reason, so will send you an short email.


  6. People who say things like that only add fuel to the fire they are criticizing. Do they have a way for you to measure the amount of thinking you’re doing that would indicate “stop here”? Unless they are in a position to help carry some of the worries and cares that are weighing you down they should probably be quiet. Think about it, talk about it, write about it as much as you need to. And do it in a safe place where the searchlight that is turned on you is love and not cold critical analysis. Without knowing your story they can’t make accurate assessments and stifling your story only makes it worse. Tell whatever part of your story you need to tell right now and go ahead and take a break and focus on someone else’s story by watching a movie if you need to. You are doing the best you can.

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  7. Eliza, hopefully, the person who says that you are “overthinking” will come to a fuller understanding very soon and be more helpful to you.

    I don’t mean to oversimplify here… just share something that often helps me find answers. If you can let your concerns go and get a good night’s sleep, you may wake up with some new insights. Let your subconscious mind work for you if you can. Like the old saying goes, “sleep on it.”

    The writing you are doing is good. To help you relax, physical exercise might help, music, nature…whatever works for you. You are the primary stakeholder here…not a person providing services who does not know you well.

    Wishing you all the best! ❤ ❤ ❤ *****

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      1. I think Overthinker is trying to keep you safe, in perhaps a misguided way. Like by flagging up the worst possible conclusions in order to prepare you for the worst. Just seems…familiar, somehow.

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  8. well done! I hope they said it with good intentions. sometimes it takes overthinking to get to the good stuff, tho. have you ever heard of “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. it helped me so much with writing & creativity – a 12 week creativity course one can do on their own 🙂


      1. Haha. Fair dos. Think things would be so simple if we didnt think enough. Too simple perhaps. But without all the stewing and mulling over nothing. Dangerous aswell but you’d have a great time Haha

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        1. Yup. I was kidding, but you seemed to have got that. I think life would be so much easier if we could just stop thinking! But it’s not like we choose to, we choose what to do from there…

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