39 thoughts on “What do words mean to you?

    1. You know, most people didn’t seem to get that. I was trying to listen to a mindfulness practice, but πŸ™‚
      I thought of you after putting this down. Since the only place I really write poetry is in your comments.
      Though that other post, almost all the comments are descending syllables.

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        1. Sleep, what’s that?

          My pen runs empty
          As my mind goes blank
          Pray tell what should I say
          Should I cry, jump, or thank?

          I sit here with a pen
          Held in my hand
          I used to think of it
          As a magic wand

          It puts down the thoughts
          Flying around in my head
          Commits it to paper
          In its’ stead

          I’m always grateful
          For what writing brings
          It brings rainbows, unicorns
          And sparkly things

          When the words swirl and dance
          Need a place to go
          I can take out my pen and paper
          And let the ink flow

          So I sit here now
          Wondering what to write
          Letting my pen tell me
          If it’s day or night

          My words tell a story
          The story of my life
          They talk about days
          Filled with hope and strife

          The ups and the downs
          Never a dull moment
          For my life is like a roller coaster
          Don’t you reckon

          So today I sit here
          I’ve nothing to say
          And for right now
          That is totally okay.

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  1. Love this poem, Eliza! Very expressive, and probably of equal value to what you were “supposed” to be doing, at least this once. πŸ™‚ I also like the poem in the comments written in a very different style.
    When the muse speaks to you, write what you are inspired to write. ❀ ❀ ❀ ***

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