I was having a conversation
With Kate on her post called folly
I replied in descending
Syllables. Had her guess
What it was I did
The first lines are
Here for you
To read

Can you finish the nonsense above?

I chose to write in descending syllables
Because of I remembered Girl of two worlds
She did some verse on her awesome blog
Her words were like glittery pearls
I planned to do it just now
For a moment in time
But continued on
Found it really
Lotsa fun
Your turn

Write it on here
Or your blog
To link


42 thoughts on “Poetry, rhymes, descending lines

      1. no flat bike paths, get off for the few roads I have to cross … only one very steep hill I had to walk up but on the return trip I gathered so much speed I didn’t need to peddle for kilometers, I love that!

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  1. What a fun post, Eliza! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You’re never too old to try something new.
    A descending rhyme seems like fun to do.
    Don’t expect me to write anything wise,
    just a silly little ditty to tease the eyes,
    a playful rhyme for Eliza and Kate.
    I’m writing now without any wait
    to wish you both a lovely week
    full of all the joys you seek.
    Each day do your best,
    then enjoy your rest.
    Dream about your
    favorite place,
    awaken with
    a smiling

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  2. I love the rhythm of these
    Makes you think of your words
    A slightly odd voice
    Calm observer
    No judgement
    And then

    This is so fun I love it Eliza! In my head I read it out very plainly and simply and it’s very refreshing, like I said there’s no judgment about it, just some words and observations floating around. Thanks for encouraging us to try 🙂

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    1. Yeah it is fun
      Counting words
      One by


      Yeah its lotsa fun
      Counting out sounds
      One by one

      It bothers me when the lines are shorter if you know what I mean.

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      1. I think you have created something great!
        I get what you mean about the l i n e s
        Maybe you can s p r e a d it all out
        To make it f i t and l o o k like
        We are m o v i n g towards
        A single d i s t a n t
        Point at the e n d
        S e e h o w I
        Spaced it
        O u t ?

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  3. Awwww, E!! Thank you so much for that. You really ARE the best.
    Well… here’s my attempt?? I don’t know?? Just trying??

    Reading is awesomeness,
    It is comforting,
    I feel better,
    On a-

    (Basically took your advice and read for a while)

    Love this, E. Thank you once again for your pingback and kind words!!

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  4. I have no idea what to say
    other than possibly oy-vey.
    What you want from us is neat
    But all I think of are feet.
    What’s going on with you?
    I’m staying golden!
    This has no sense.
    or not

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    1. It was pretty easy to decipher
      I counted the syllables you used
      That is the beauty of it, see
      It makes nonsense sensical
      We can talk absolute
      Garbage and rubbish
      And it’s the best
      For anything
      On earth

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