This is a little heavier then just sunshine and sparkles but I wanted to share it here… Jadav Payeng planted a forest in Majuli. One tree at a time.


30 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine and Sparkles- The Forest Man

      1. yeah yeah so often… not like a particular class, but all the guest lecturers and the assemblies mention him pretty often!!

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  1. Even one tree would be a fitting legacy. What a wonderful gift to the world! ❤ Endangered wildlife survives because of him, the island may be saved from erosion, and his family and community have an example of dedication and good works. 🙂 Thank you, Eliza, for sharing this! ❤ All the best! Cheryl

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  2. Wonderful story, Eliza! Inspiring, powerfully so, not just for each magnificent gesture, but for their cumulative effect. Here they leave “greatness” behind and embrace the miraculous.

    A beautiful reminder for all to consider not just the present moment, but to contemplate the glistening tapestry we weave.

    Wonderful. Thanks so much for enriching my Sunday evening, Eliza!

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  3. What an inspiration! His story is a great example of many things including how “one day at a time,” can add up over the years. I loved watching how he takes loving care of his trees.

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