This brought me to tears…

32 thoughts on “F:AK – the garbage men

  1. It is the little things that count much more than the big things. Look how much joy they have brought to her life. I have read here in the States about UPS delivery drivers building up a rapport with people whom they routinely deliver packages to on their route – even the dogs end up getting treats and there is a whole site somewhere (not sure what type of social media) where UPS deliver people photographed selfies with those dogs (dogs smiling by the way just like the UPS drivers). I know they had a site where a lot of UPS drivers contributed and it was probably after this story went viral:

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  2. Gorgeous story, Eliza! Every week, I think there’s no other angle you can take, no other story you can share, that will delight in a whole new way, yet you always come through.

    Thanks for the constantly-unfolding happiness, Eliza!

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    1. I love them all…
      That’s the great thing about scheduling posts…
      Thinking of you…
      Can you email me your address? If you want a letter that is. That says hi and nothing else.


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