I’d appreciate thoughts. I think I’m being really realistic here although it’s noncomprehensive as was just writing (I can only ‘just write’, I don’t know how to edit or alter what I say. I only know how to just let my pen or in this case finger talk). I think it’s realistic because I didn’t say anything non doable. I know not all of it is in my control. I know it’s up to the universe to send me whatever whenever (that I’m saying that is awesome. Every single time I see a future I think I’m amazing I say that, because so much I’m also not doing because I might not be here so shouldn’t waste/bother). Anyways, was just meant to say that I’d appreciate thoughts. Coz can add or take away from this.


Today was another long day (well, every day is at the moment. With a lot of flipping back and forth because the smallest things change modes. Sis stressed me out and wasn’t handling. Journalled and was calm. Freaking coz not sure. Spoke to R which was good. Constantly back and forth….. makes it long…).

I’ve read and really appreciate all your comments on my blog even though I haven’t responded to any or read any posts here (I did read one. Sunshine and Fak ones I schedule). Thank you for being here.

πŸ’• Be living without self destruction 
πŸ’• Be present always
πŸ’•Be practicing mindfulness daily - a min or two a day counts
πŸ’• Have a support system
πŸ’• Have more friends
πŸ’• Be keeping boundaries with those people who I'm still struggling so much with.
πŸ’• Live in a world of colour
πŸ’• Be able to stay with a mood instead of so easily spiralling
πŸ’• Be journalling still!
πŸ’• Have changed more self talk (I've stopped saying I hate myself).
πŸ’• Be buying and planning for the future rather than not wanting to waste money on what I might not be here for
πŸ’• Be present in my body
πŸ’• Experience emotions - at least more than I do now.
πŸ’• Still be in touch with R, M, M
πŸ’• Have gotten past 2700 gratitudes!
πŸ’• Live without the need to harm
πŸ’• Get to at least 100 reasons
πŸ’• Have set up Letters of Hope
πŸ’• Have moved out
πŸ’• Have a plan for studying if I haven't continued with what I started.
πŸ’• Be living without ED behaviours. 
πŸ’• Keep accepting myself
πŸ’• Connect to a source and be further forging my own path not bound to anything I was raised with.
πŸ’• Be fully taking responsibility for my life.
πŸ’• Continuing to learn to let go of responsibility that is not mine.
πŸ’• Embrace myself and allow others to embrace me.

21 thoughts on “In a years time I want to…

  1. Eliza, that is an awesome list! You know what you want. That is a big part of achieving those goals.
    Be kind to yourself, and do the best you can…better to be the tortoise than the hare. πŸ™‚ ❀
    All the best! Cheryl

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  2. I like these a lot, especially the self talk, gratitude, and a min or two of mindfulness a day counts! I like that you include examples progress you’ve already made, even by writing that you’re going to continue something you’re already doing. It helps us writers to put our goals in writing. These are definitely doable! The only one I’m not sure about is “be present always.” The word “always” makes me wonder. You have enough here that you could choose one every so often to work on, like taking an exploratory step toward developing a support system or more friends. Sending good wishes for a year of accomplishment!

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  3. wow! you are on a ROLL! positivity rocks!
    those goals are great. just the fact that you set the goals is amazing!
    love always,


  4. Eliza~ ACT As If The Rest Will Follow!
    Great list.. Master One for a month and move to the next.
    LMK with any comments …. Got to hell, 🀣 I’ve got thisπŸ‘ or YES I’m doing it.πŸ™ Idk..
    Take Care of you! ❀️ Cindy

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  5. It’s really good that you’ve stopped saying that you hate yourself!

    It’s a good list, but I worry that it’s very, very long. I tend to do this too, set myself long lists of things to change, and it’s very hard to do that, which results in getting dispirited. Maybe think about if there is just ONE thing you can change, what would it be?

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  6. HI Eliza
    Sending you blessings and positive vibes.
    I am glad you continue with journaling. Gratitude lists are awesome too, it always lifts me up and makes me realize that I am so blessed.
    Hang in there! You are loved! β™₯β™₯

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  7. dang! you go gurl! the template you made it on looks pretty dope.
    I like how you actually managed to try set up some kind of path, I find it incredibly hard.

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  8. Doable? Certainly. Realistic? Yes, of course. That too.

    Also though, sweeping, epic and transformative, as these measures will vault you past inertia.

    Here are the “first steps” the Chinese remind us started the longest, most rewarding journeys.

    Actually, you already have taken the first step. As well as steps 2 through 2,000. What you list here are 2,001 and counting. My, you’re getting your steps in today, aren’t you, Eliza?


  9. I love each and every one of them, and I hope you get to experience them all – you deserve it! Go YOU! ❀
    And I hope I get as far in the gratitude department too:) every one counts!

    Have an awesome year, E!


  10. Excellent list and great goals!! One step at a time and you will get there! πŸ’–


  11. wonderful goals! i’m sure you’re capable of achieving so much in the years to come, but we’re human so don’t feel too much pressure to complete them perfectly :))
    ❀ ❀ ❀
    power to the local dreamer! ||-//


  12. That’s the kind of positivity I need! I’m doing that too… writing down everything… things I want to accomplish in the future.

    I’m also planning on creating a journal with happy memories. I think looking back makes you realize how strong you are!

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