I haven’t been writing because there’s just nothing to say. (I’m writing this for those who asked. Thanks for caring.)

Or too much.

Been posting a bit on Instagram.

I want to stop destroying myself.

I’m here. I’m tired. Everything is the same and there’s nothing to say. It’s pointless to say anything. Unless I actually change it around.

Every day is a new day.

I’ll write up an MBSR post some point soon. Lots to say about today’s class.

Used too much. Ate too much.

Life is just life.

Love, light, and glitter


40 thoughts on “123456789

        1. Thank you. That means a lot to me. And makes it easier to contemplate stopping using, knowing I’ll have you behind me.


  1. Thanks for the update. I like that you share about your MBSR course, at least the highlights. It’s a review for you and helps others. I can always use reminders. Every day IS a new day.

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  2. Think about it, though, Eliza, you are doing something. You’re pondering your experiences, and you’re writing about them. In so doing, you’re ensuring something is going to change.

    Look at all the thoughts , sympathy and advice you’ve generated.

    You’ve deftly done an end-run around Inertia. This proves you not only want things to change (of course, you do) but you’ve made it inevitable something will happen. You know what you’re doing – nicely handled.

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      1. Point is, my friend, you’ve placed your marker already. Sure, you vacillate (and who doesn’t?) but you made a move. Where it takes you, we’ll see, but you’ve taken that first step.

        Part of you already knows this, Eliza, and got tired of waiting and acted arbitrarily. Just the fact we’re having this conversation at all proves that.

        Welcome aboard!

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        1. I hope so. I really hope so… I really wanted to stop then. And couldn’t. Now it’s too much. Will see.
          Anyways, need to get to sleep as getting up in a couple hours (2.5 about) for work.

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          1. Hey, Eliza -that’s my trick! If anyone invented Blog-Until-Two-Hours-Before-the-Alarm-Rings, it’s me.

            This is a clear case of copyright infringement. My attorneys will call your attorneys. Lots of legal talk up ahead, that’s for sure.

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