Friday acts of kindness/We are the world blogfest.

Rex Scott was driving the bus and joked to Valerie that he takes tips in the form if kidneys. It just so happened that Valerie has been prepared to give her kidney to someone who couldn’t receive it. Here was someone who walked into her path….

Read the story here

Woman donates kidney to stranger in Indianapolis

How many of us listen to meaning behind the words and act of them?

I’d love to do so.

What aft of kindness can you do for someone? What act of kindness has someone done for you?

Let’s spread light….

Love, light and glitter


36 thoughts on “F:AK/WATWB – The joke that gave his wife a kidney

  1. see that is real unselfishness…REAL….LOVE…….
    when people sign their organ donor cards , give blood, things like that, that’s unselfish

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        1. 🙂
          Really everyone is just nice. Though yeah, I do seem to have everyone being nice to me. Or people aren’t open to how gorgeous everyone is so they can’t be gorgeous to them. I can’t be the only person in the world who everyone helps…. I’m sure you’ve read my other car parking stories, and free waters.

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            1. Do you mean that very few people are so nice or very few people have everyone being so nice to them?

              I think every person has the capacity to be gorgeous. I met a guy on Tuesday, the metre guy? The one who gives tickets to people there for too long. He asked me after our conversation if we could meet up next time I came. I told him no but that if we were meant to cross paths again we would – that I’m terrible with facial recognition but if he introduces himself to me I’d remember our conversation. I think every person has so much goodness if we’re open to it… I’ve only had one experience on a train where someone wasn’t nice and all the people around tried to make up for it… not saying everyone is always nice to me. I encounter plenty of people who aren’t. But asides for the train story most the time it’s my problem for not being receptive to them being absolutely gorgeous. If I would be totally viewing them as amazing then for the most part it is what I will receive. I see it a lot with my line managers. Those who I know will be awesome to me are more awesome than those I’m wary of.

              Okay now I’ve rambled again. And yes, I’d love your thoughts:) though really there are 3 different points here that could probably have been written as 3 sentences instead of long rambles…

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              1. you’ve actually said it yourself … people react to us as we expect them too! And there is no doubt you inspire kindness .. makes me wonder about your worries 🙂

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                1. About which worries?

                  Yup, most people I meet are awesome to me 🙂 part is because I just think of most people as gorgeous and believe that everyone IS gorgeous. Part is because I give of a vibe of innocence and vulnerability (that exists, as in the vibe I give off is true. I’ve so often had people help me park, others have suggested it’s because the guys want to flirt, which isn’t true for then I wouldn’t have guys and gals helping me, and then they’d be asking me for my phone number instead of directing me or parking for me then going off) and most people want to help…. most people like to help people.


                2. Though yeah, I seem to meet these awesome strangers a LOT, even when I’m not feeling naive/confused/vulnerable. Like, when I’m lost, it makes sense they want to help. I meet them and get the awesomeness even when I’m not post. The person who paid my parking ticket because she had change. The person who passed me by and offered me water because she had one spare (just after I’d decided not to buy one because it was too expensive. That was a funny story because the day before I was talking about the other free waters and taxi drivers and then that happened).


                    1. Sigh. I wish it were easier and that there were more of a choice. I don’t have a choice about using or eating (don’t tell me it is, because I’m blaming myself for being back here as it is. I don’t know how I led myself back here when I haven’t been here in a couple years, when I really thought I was figuring my life out more and more, but somehow I did. And I know it was my fault). I’m trying to pick up the pieces and build something. Building relationships more with people. Practicing mindfulness a lot. Trying to actually get help. I know that trying isn’t enough. So, yeah. I don’t know. Hopefully I’ll get my act together before I’ve succeeded in destroying myself.
                      I want to be here for some people I’ve always been here for, who have some really great news. Some right now, some later. Dunno.


                    2. any ingrained habit is hard to shift … that you did so well for so long is more remarkable! Kudos to you ❤

                      So don't beat yourself up but did wonder why you asked me what worries …

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                    3. Because I thought you were talking about people being nice 🙂 though yeah it’s funny that I live with social anxiety too when I really do believe in everyone’s goodness. I think I live with anxiety. The more aware I am of myself, the more that’s flagging up.


                    4. Hmm. Oh. That made me laugh. People :). Doesn’t social anxiety just come from being around people? One day I’ll learn where anxiety in general comes from.

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                    5. I hope so. That would give it meaning.
                      Actually I guess so. Not the destruction but the thought processes and understanding I have of myself. I can think of a few people who I’ve helped them put into words what they were trying to say. Why they felt the way they do etc. Because I believe I’m a liar I can explain to them why they think they are and why they aren’t. Because I can’t let myself feel I can explain to them what’s going on for them…
                      I don’t know why for me it all translates into destruction whereas for the 3 I’m thinking of, or others whose processes are the same, it doesn’t. I’d love to understand that. I wonder if understanding why I’m destroying myself would take away the need to.

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                    6. Many are destroying themselves and quite unaware of it because their’s is more socially acceptable eg smoking, drinking, driving too fast, working too hard …

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  2. What an unselfish act to do this. I have a donor card for my organs, but donating after you are gone is not as wonderful of an act as sharing while alive. A friend’s ex-husband got a new kidney last year. It was donated by his sister as she was the only match they could find and time was running out for him. The pair had to fly to Boston and have it done there by a specialist as there were concerns – it was a big ordeal for her as well. She left, returned to life as a nurse, but he had to stay in the step-down part of the hospital for another month or two until completely healed.

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