Wes Moberly lost his job and couldn’t pay his rent. After 2 months his landlord Ellery Lewis went to check up on the family. Instead of evicting them he gave the family $100 towards their necessities, taking a load off their shoulders, and will work out a repayment plan with them- and all his other tenants who can’t afford to pay rent due to Coronavirus work difficulties.

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21 thoughts on “F:AK – Landlord helps tenants instead of evicting them.

  1. Westwood (where the Moberly family lives) is a suburb of the city where I live. It’s a suburb which has seen better days, but — thanks to people like Moberly’s landlord — hasn’t lost its humanity.

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  2. it’s surprising to see that humanity still exist! this is definitely something to be appreciated and celebrated!🤩
    I wish the very best for the family, but my huge respect and prayers for that man!

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  3. That is someone who has a heart of gold. You always hope a person like that only has good fortune. The friend of my boss/me that had the bad accident last weekend is like that … he donates to the poor. He has a store that sells lots of German goodies and bread/crackers/cheese/cookies – chocolates. Each year he makes up many many baskets of food, delivers them to the church, and donates them but anonymously. He does not want his name attached to the donation. People like in this story and like David have a special place waitng for them in Heaven.

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