Forgive Yourself
For not working on your dreams

Forgive Yourself
For not making yourself a first priority

Forgive Yourself
For agreeing to the norms of society

Forgive Yourself
For trying to adjust to places where you never belonged

Forgive Yourself
For the wrong decisions you have taken

Forgive Yourself
For the sick people you have trusted

Forgive Yourself
For the silly things […]

Forgive yourself

26 thoughts on “Forgive yourself – reblog

      1. Thanks for asking. I am healing from my injuries and surgery and dealing with pain and immobility, I am using the opportunity to focus on those projects that do not require physical activity. When pain distracts, I choose to put my attention in the middle of it and explore it. Soon it fades (unless there is an action required like change, position, or the bandages) and then I choose to go back to my project. The pain usually has a function, like alerting us to some bodily need. If it doesn’t, then with attention, the brain shuts it down, provided our attitude about it is rational. Pain that persists, beyond our physical need to change something (like pull our hand away from a hot stove or change a bandage) almost always has an unconscious psychological function. Giving our attention to it, can both make that conscious, and disabuse ourselves of the belief that that particular agenda is still necessary, allowing choice in the matter.
        In another post, you have commented on the need for therapy in addiction. I was a psychiatrist (medical doctor) and much of my practice was in addiction medicine. IMO, both therapy and physical support (to the body and the spirit) are necessary for treating this pernicious illness. My heart goes out to you for your bravery in sharing this aspect of your life with us, and I believe that you will be successful in your quest for health. Dr. Bob

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            1. i was making a joke about me being the master, cos i often wander here during boring classes. SOMEHOW, we both occasionally wander here at the same time.
              and yes, we were both SUPPOSED to be in eco when we were here… xD!

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