Dear E

I’m here. I’m with you. I’m sorry I can’t take your pain away. I can be with you. I am with you. I will be with you. I can’t ease the pain. I can, am, and will stay with you through it.

You will get past it E. Life, just living, doesn’t always hurt so much. Some days are easier. Some days are harder. Some days will be easier. Some days will be harder. Every day I will hold your hand and stay with you. Every day I will be ready to hold you if you let me.

I love you E. I will always love you. There is no way you can ever obliterate my love for you.

Always and forever



22 thoughts on “Letter to myself: 12th August 2020. I’m with you.

  1. “i love you is overrated. according to me, the words “i’m there for you” mean so much more.”- anonymous.
    you will get past it. i can see the hope and strength shining through your words. your courage is remarkable.
    love always,

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  2. I think the words “I love you” are important. It’s easy to believe people will tolerate us, put up with us, even be there for us – but actually love us, completely and genuinely …. That is much rarer.

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  3. “It’s the difficult roads that lead to beautiful destinations”
    Just hang in there and hope-soon you’ll be there!
    Love yourself 3000 (I hope that was not too cheesy-the Marvel reference)

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      1. haha…it’s when Iron Man’s daughter tells him “I love you 3000″ and it somehow went viral…it was a VERY cuuute scence!”
        You should watch Marvel movies if you like action, superheroes and stuff. They’re pretty epic!

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    1. Thanks CB. If I tell it to myself enough maybe I’ll stop destroying myself? Anything’s possible πŸ™‚ I’m grateful I can access that part of me through writing.

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    1. Good reminder. RR said that to me when I started messing up. Not to do anything I’ll regret for won’t be in this space forever.


    1. Thanks! It does and doesn’t help when others are with me. Me doing it is the most important. Coz then I can hear it when others are. Honestly, it’s when people really are that makes a difference. There are only a few people I can think of who really are. Anyone else who says they are is meaningless if the actions don’t follow the words. Thinking aloud.


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