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19 thoughts on “F:AK – paying it forward

  1. I LOVE things like this – reading them, and doing them 😉
    It just takes something small – a small act of kindness – to spark the most amazing chain reactions.
    Thank you for sharing this ❤

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  2. Speaking of paying it forward, a week ago I paid for my gas.As I was exiting the counter space, a young person recognized me, then extended the amount to include in my tank was 10$ on top of the amount I paid. A good heart.

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  3. I’ve somehow been blocked from “it’s okay” so can’t respond to your comment there …

    but it clearly demonstrates that even when we feel muddled, challenged we still have the answers within! People need to know this .. we are our own healers and our own enemies 🙂

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  4. I ADORE this post, my friend. Most of all, I adore that this has happened. Oh, what a joy and breath of fresh air it is to see such kindness.
    One of my absolute favorite things to do is this very act of kindness: “paying it forward” in the drive-thru. In the last area I lived, it was fairly common to have a generosity chain lasting for most of the day. Where I live now, the drive-thru workers were simply stunned every time I offered to pay for the stranger behind me. I’ll be honest, that makes me sad.
    One act of kindness can change someone’s whole life. We never know what someone is facing. We can be the change agent for their day, their situation, or their family. What if that person was trying to figure out how to feed their family? We just never know. Kindness is POWERFUL.
    I love your heart, my friend. Thank you for brightening up my whole evening!

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  5. This happened to me once (about two decades ago): I was in line to cross the S.F. Bay Bridge. It was pouring (like a deluge pouring) rain. I was driving an SUV and pulling a trailer loaded with furniture, and I am sure, made a pretty miserable picture. I was driving with excessive caution, keeping a lot of distance between me and the cars in front, allowing people coming up on the right to cut into the line. I was pleased when the toll-taker told me my toll had been paid. It made my day, not because of the money, I didn’t need it, but because I had been seen. I have not done this for others in lines. I do speak to, and give generously to, people in the street. It is nice to hear of this experience in these terrible times of plague. Dr. Bob

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    1. Definitely Bob. I love hearing about people giving and sharing. It happens a lot and the more aware of it the more we can, too.
      Love, light and glitter

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  6. I love this! I hope that by you paying for the person behind you some of them sometimes will pay for you. I’ve been given things by perfect strangers before, and it was always really needed. Like when a woman had mistakenly bought 2 waters and gave me one. And I wanted to buy one but it was too much money.
    Sounds like you lived in a gorgeous place!
    Love, light and glitter


    1. I think the real secret to this, lies in NOT expecting/hoping that someone does it for you, but acting purely out of kindness and generosity with no expectations….. then if it happens, it is pure joy. Dr. Bob


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