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Love, light and glitter

23 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts of supporting someone in a mental health crisis

  1. Good link, Eliza. Definitely some worthy points.

    See, that’s what I like about you, Eliza, is your genuineness. When something clicks and inspires you, you tell us about it, and we help one another celebrate.

    When it doesn’t , though, you’re equally forthcoming. “Gotta tell you the truth on this one, it’s not really my thing.”

    This turns out to be the greatest favor you can give us, actually, as we know when something does stir you, it’s real. You’re not writing something just for effect, because that’s what you think is expected of you.

    Instead, you give things the though they deserve, and let them do their good wherever they can. Just in the year I’ve “known” you, I’ve spied progress. Yes, there ae steps backward, and to the side, but still, you’re facing the right way, and growing toward the sunshine.

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    1. Doesn’t everyone give complete honesty?
      I’m glad you see it. I don’t at the moment. Though I guess sometimes I do. Hard to see that there’s anything better when so much is worse too.
      My quote for the moment is when you reach bottom you’ve 2 options. Death or move up. So here’s to life.

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  2. You know, Eliza, in your musings I recognize much of what afflicted me at one point. The exact specifics? No, those are your own. The general contours at least, though.

    Then, I see where I am now, and I’d like you to be there too. Not stopping to consider it took me years to get here. Your journey will be equally involved. I never have been a patient person, though I should’ve been with myself. I should be with you.

    One thing that worries me, Eliza, is that you think my positivity dismisses your problems or, worse yet, asserts you’re inventing them all. On the contrary. My own experience reminds me the struggles are all-too-real.

    Just, that’s not all there is, OK? This Thing, whatever it is, thinks it owns the world. It doesn’t. On top of everything else, it’s vain and stupid. Every day you continue, every life you brighten, every photo you take, every brownie you bake, etc, etc., you reveals The Thing really isn’t all that after all.

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    1. Your positivity and belief brings hope. It doesn’t dismiss anything.

      I know you’ve been on your journey. Else you wouldn’t have the patience to be here with us. However nonsensical we may be.

      Join the zero patience club. Patience is a hard commodity to cone across. Especially when it comes to this. Especially when you think you should be there already instead of what in many ways is like square one. I did say in many ways. It’s not in all ways. I do see how even though I’m destroying myself, there are some things today that are different to the last time I was doing this.

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  3. Good stuff. I think no.1 “Have a plan” is especially important to keep in mind. We often go into this thinking it will pass. Then, we wake up months down the line and it’s just getting worse…

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    1. That’s definitely good to do.
      I can’t turn to people who feel responsible. One point I liked in this article about what are you okay discussing. I’ve asked that to someone I turn to and I’m glad I did. For I don’t know if she would have told me what she wasn’t okay with if I hadn’t asked.

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