I just watched this awesome video from Brielle. An 8 year old girl (SG you’ll love her) who shares her thoughts on our differences.

I’m not sure to insert a link that will play the video here.

Enjoy it! And let’s celebrate our similarities. Rather than be afraid of inane differences.

You are awesome and beautiful just the way you are.

Love, light, and glitter

Do you think I should title these posts Sunday Sunshine or Sunday Smiles? Or Sunday Sunshine and Sparkles. Or Sunday Sparkles is another option too, come to think of it.


43 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine – What makes us different?

  1. Remember that. You too are awesome, amazing, wonderful, special, brilliant, bright, sunshiny, sparkly( and full of love – whether you realize it or not) it’s there within you.

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      1. I’m doing great here Eliza! How are you?!
        I have been reading all your posts and I am quite happy to have met someone who opens up! It’s good and I bet you are feeling good!

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  2. Awwwwww… I totally love her! Yes, so true. Speak up. Let the universe notice you. You are a gift to the ones around you.
    Thanks for this!!!
    ❀ ❀ ❀
    Love always,

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  3. That girl keep working like that in school and she will do well with her education.
    A lovely video to watch this morning.

    Sunday Smiles I like, but Sunday Sunshine is good too.

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  4. Hmmm… I’d go for Sunday Sunshine just because I lurrrve the sun! But I can see how Sparkles might go with your love light and glitter sign-off, so both would work!


  5. She was an amazing girl and an inspiration to all of us. We are all One in our being and all have beautiful hearts but as she said we are different or we would be like robots. Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ post, Eliza

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  6. Cute. It made me think of the Midrash: “Just as people’s faces are not alike, so too are their opinions not alike,” and the Kotzker Rebbe says on this, “Just as you can tolerate the fact that your fellow’s face is not similar to yours, so too will you be able to tolerate the fact that your fellow’s opinions are different to yours.”

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  7. Love the share.

    I wonder how Trump would react to it if he watched it (and how heartfelt his reaction would be)? It could make a big difference in the ‘atmosphere’ in America if he took it to heart (but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen).

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