I just wrote this. Not sure what I’m trying to say with it ..

Sometimes I feel like everyone sees things so differently to me.

I just saw a post on Instagram about fat phobia and my only thought was, but why would someone think or feel that way? Like obviously everyone likes everyone and doesn’t judge and is accepting of everyone.Β 

Sometimes I think I live in a world of rainbows and unicorns. I see the world that way. And no one else seems to. And it’s weird in a way. And jarring.

And of course I see the world…. I’m destroying myself at the moment (pretty literally). My siblings make sure to educate me constantly. My friends have all been through, are going through, so much.

Yet I still think of the world and people as all good and awesome and everyone else seems to think differently. It’s just, I don’t even have the words to put it down what it feels like. Like I perceive something and it seems like almost everyone perceives it differently. And no, I don’t want to change.


65 thoughts on “How do you perceive the world?

      1. Yea.. As in..
        I don’t see any point in behaving oddly without any reason..
        Why would they be rude just like that.
        Plus from my experience, I can say that I have seen the weakest person behave rudely.. It’s their weakness or insecurity which they want to hide behind such rude behaviour.

        So yea I believe that normal healthy people are actually nice people both inside and outside.

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  1. Yes, it should be this way. 🌈s are everywhere.
    And I also see that, that is why I started all of this, while actually I was just in a place called hell. When I was a child I also saw 🌈 everywhere but when I got to secondary school and already before that I saw bullies everywhere, strict teachers, weird people and all. And then I started to believe that I must be wrong or that no one would listen to me anyways.

    Thanks to my one year self-recovery trip I learned a lot more about why this is the case and also found out more about my self. Everyone is special and a 🌈, but most people don’t see that anymore it seems. They are all broke, focused on problems or stupid memes to ignore their boring and painful life. At least that is how I at some point saw it. Because in my family it started to be the case, friends and also other people. People always busy with their phones and stuff. I did buy one smartphone which still works, but I didn’t use it in months. And got an already used one which then broke soon after. So I don’t use my phone and also don’t feel the need for it. Never had. All I did was watching youtube videos sometimes, when I was in bed and wanted to fall asleep to them. But that was all.

    But almost everyone else around me, relatives, friends, collegues at work etc. were watching on their phones pretty often. Basically whenever there was no conversation or action. It felt pretty weird for me because I sometimes was sitting there, listening to the environment or maybe if there were people talking about something on their phones.
    But usually it was boring stuff like news, cute pictures or whatever.
    I think me and my mom are outsiders when it comes to technology.
    I only use computers and I built them together myself (bought the parts and then put them together). But yea… I just like to have knowledge about the things I use, at least to a point where I feel comfortable with. (When I know what it is capable of and I could do with it). That is why I learned programming on my own, because I just wanted to know how these machines work and to make them do what I want.

    So I think that everyone can be a good person or is good, if they don’t let their lives be controlled by others. Be it partners who not really love them, or bosses or whatever. I see the good in everyone and even in bad situations. At least when I am true to myself and not dragged down by negative talking / teaching of others who are trapped themselves.

    The world is a beautiful place, with beautiful people.
    But I think most of them don’t know about it. Or they fear to be alone or too broken.
    That is why they all hide, go to psychiatrists and stuff. And then the usually get pills sold. At least from what I have heard and experienced. People even wanted to convince me that I maybe should take pills or something. But I simply needed to trust in myself again, instead of taking pills which I don’t know what they do. As long as I don’t know what it does, I won’t take it. Because when I took medicine in the past it either didn’t help or was unnecessary. Maybe my body is capable of more, but I guess that the problem is that most people are obviously not really happy with their life and then others tell them why and how to fix it. But they don’t think themselves about the core problems, while others just take their money. This is just how I experience it. So for example, when I buy food from a local farmer, it costs more, but I know them and want to support them. And I know that it is worth the money because it tastes a lot better and is healthier.

    Rainbows, brighten up!
    The light is colorful. πŸ™‚

    Was it too long? If so, sorry. πŸ˜€ (and you can delete it if you want, as always)

    Have a good afternoon.

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    1. Not at all too long. I appreciated reading this. I think you were right. Are right except for medication- for some medication can be a life saver. Yup everyone is good. No one means bad have just been taught bad and are coping the best way they can. I like the way you experience it. Because it’s true…. to me anyways…
      Love, light and glitter

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      1. Yes, some medicine helps and is necessary.
        But there are many risks and I also don’t like that it is usually profit oriented, for example the pharma sector. I know that there are evil people out there and often they are seen as the nicest amongst other people. There were a lot of cases in which people were seriel killers or rapers, while the whole neighborhood thought they were good people, always nice and helpful. And because my dad also was pretty nice to everyone else, except for his own family (me, my mother and his father), I knew that people can become evil. But I know that my father is just broken himself. And I feel sorry for him, tried to help him out many times, but he just seems to be trapped in his weird behaviors. At least now I am bigger and probably stronger than him and he also isn’t violent anymore. Just tries to control my property and talks loud with himself often, while telling lies about me and my mother, so the neighbors can hear. I don’t know how long I can accept this behavior and cope it, he is still my father after all. But sometimes I am not sure whether he is even aware of what he is doing most of the times. If I could help him, I would. Maybe one day. Until then I hope not to break down again or let my mind slip into the paranoia mode again. Whenever it happened, I felt as if everyone was out to get me. But I know that this is not the case and still I fall into it sometimes. As long as I fight back out again, I guess it is good. Because usually I got stronger through it. At least this year.

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          1. The thing is, that I can’t because I am in my own house, but his house is next to mine and so comes over very often. And my mother lives in my house. So it is very complicated… but yeah, if it would only be for myself I would have moved away a long time ago.

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      1. Well, I feel as if every crazy thought or experience at least once crossed my mind. Sometimes I even thought I am the Anti-Christ or something… Oh man. I mean, I am obviously not, but guess what, my mind doesn’t care. And so I try to make the best out of this now. And then see how it goes and hopefully not get fully crazy again at some point. I feel like as if I was supposed to die from all the bad experiences in my life, it almost happened, but instead I am fighting for my life now and for the lives of all the others which cross my way.
        Especially the children because no one really supported me, my dreams and ideas, so I want to give them what I didn’t get. I mean in my case I knew what I wanted, but people around me made me give up on it. But either way, I know that children are way smarter or at least creative and we need that. We need more creativity, art and positive ways of learning, like games instead of paper sheets or whatever.

        I learned most things out of playing around with things or literally playing video games. For example things about historical people, events and such. Like alive history. And therefor I am supporting games who make children think and interact with it in their own way. And also takes away the pressure of failure and grades, like school used to be (at least in most countries now). Because in a game you never really fail, even if there is GAME OVER or something. You can just try again and again and learn how to beat it. It is more interesting to learn this way, is usually fun and also doesn’t hurt as much as telling your parents that you got a bad result.

        In complex video games you can skill different things for game characters and then play it the way you feel most comfortable with. The same would go for things like gardening, technology and creative things like art. In a less competitive way, less like “I have to be good enough” and more like “this is intersting, what is next?”. Okay, but now I really should stop and do what I actually wanted to do this afternoon. ^^ Making a video about how to start with writing computer programs. πŸ’œ Thank you that you people are so nice and interested. It still feels like a dream sometimes, the best I ever had.

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        1. That’s a really interesting thought. If you make them – the games- I’m sure you’ll have a market. I learnt the most from reading. Not from school. I didn’t fit into school although I’m pretty intellectual/academic.

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      1. Thanks. I try my best. But it was a hard fight and still is because the pressure and doubt sometimes comes back. And then I have to remind myself that I am strong through some music and people I found. Like you for example. πŸ™‚

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        1. You are a brave soul…
          At least this I can tell after knowing bits of you here…
          I am sending lots of blessings and love on your way. πŸ’—
          Always remember one thing in life.. “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. I think you should hold on to how you see the world. Partly because it’s YOUR truth, but also because I think we need people who see the world in the positive way. And certainly not to judge people and to accept them is good.

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  3. You don’t have to change the way you perceive the world. In fact it’s awesome you perceive everything as sunshine and rainbows and look for the best in everything and everyone.
    That’s a trait not many people possess.
    However, society is often quite the hypocrite and lots of people have experienced the dark side of society and don’t see the world in the same way but it’s not wrong to see the best in everything.

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  4. There is no good nor evil, simply two types of good.
    The only villain happens to be circumstances.
    Don’t ever change the way you see things, E. It’s amazing. It’s rare. It’s beautiful how you see the sparkles and rainbows and there’s no need to change it.
    Most people seek the beauty that you see. It is a blessing.
    Love always,

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    1. Thanks for passing by and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it….
      I see lotsa good people and I’m grateful for them…
      Sending sunshine and sparkles

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  5. Eliza, I hope you are doing well. I just read all of this blog. I am a little under the weather today and didn’t finish my emails before. I would just like to say that I agree with most of the other people on your blog. It is not wrong to see everything and everyone in a good light. Some will disappoint you or let you down, but the majority have good intentions and are good at heart. “Expect the best but be prepared for the worst,” is my motto, I guess.

    When I write poems, I try to write about positive things. A lot of my work is autobiographical, but I don’t talk about the faults and weaknesses of the other people involved. It’s not that I am unaware; it’s just that I want to celebrate the best in others and in my own life.

    I try not to be too political either, though something like environmental issues, as the author of environmentally-themed books about wild animals, that is something I do speak about. Even then, I talk about principles and goals rather than about individuals.

    An example of this is the terrible red tide we had a couple of years ago. It lasted for eighteen months and killed a lot of fish and endangered animals like sea turtles and manatees. I wrote a poem about that which is in my book. I wrote letters to all the elected officials and enclosed a copy of the poem. Only one politician replied with a form letter some months later, but I felt I had done what was in my power. We all have to do the best we can, and that is all we can do.

    I guess what I am trying to say, Eliza, is that I think we are pretty much on the same page about how we see the world, “Expect the best but be prepared for the worst!” When I was teaching, I found that most students will try to perform up to your expectations. This also applies to your expectations of yourself. Do your best. If you fall short of your expectations, forgive yourself and do better tomorrow.

    I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you. Cheryl

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  6. I completely understand feeling different. But I’ve also connected with people who are completely different. If that makes sense.

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  7. We all percieve the world differently, I don’t think there’s a right way necessarily. Maybe you see unicorns becasue that’s what you love, that’s just how it is. Maybe there should be more like you πŸ™‚

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  8. I’ve read that optimists are healthier than pessimists. I’m not as optimistic as I once was, but I still believe everyone has some good in them. You have plenty of good in you!

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  9. Don’t change your views on the world, just because it doesn’t “fit the mold”. It’s okay to think about/view the world differently. In fact: there should be more like you! This is such a unique quality not many people posses, and you should definitely embrace it.

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  10. I don’t see people in general as good, but I don’t believe they’re bad either. I’l put everyone in a shade of gray, because everyone has the potential to be bad, no matter how good they are, the same way bad people have the potential to be good.
    Fat phobia – is it people who’re afraid of bad people, or people who are afraid to gain weight?

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    1. I’m not really sure what that phobia was referring to. I decided to stop reading that persons posts.
      Thanks for sharing. Everyone can definitely be both good or bad. I think I feel that most people want to do good.
      Love, light and glitter

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  11. I believe everyone has a good heart but some have to dig real deep to connect with their kindness, with others it just flows from them naturally.

    There is no right or wrong way, you are OK ❀

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  12. There are some good people out there and you prove it with your F:AK posts. However, I do not usually perceive people as good/pure… My glass is half empty on that front.

    But, like you, I think I see plenty of things differently than others do.

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  13. Hey Eliza! It’s so strange but beautiful how you’ve put what exactly I feel (half the time anyway) into words. And it’s just wonderful that you see the world this way, it’s not something everyone has the heart or love to do. Oh, and I love that you don’t want to change who you are… that’s honestly so inspiring for me because sometimes I feel like I should change and become a little more normal for those around me; but like I said, the way you seem to find good in every corner of the world, and love yourself for it, is absolutely amazing. And while I haven’t read your other posts just yet, it seems to me you’ll be one of the happiest sorts of people, seeing the beauty in absolutely everything.

    You seem like a wonderful person and hopefully I can get to know you more through your other posts! πŸ˜€

    – a hurricane with a heartbeat

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    1. Hi Hurricane
      With pleasure read my posts, but a lot of the recent ones come with a trigger warning. And I’ve written in way too much detail on them.

      Stay yourself. Be yourself. You don’t need to change for anyone. Yes it’s sometimes confusing. I’m assuming you’re younger than I because you’re SG’s friend. Correct me if I’m wrong…
      My way of viewing people and the world has only brought me good. I’ve had lotsa random acts of kindness from perfect strangers. Most people want to do and be good.
      I’m learning the balance of safety and believing everyone is good.

      I think we’re all a mixture of different parts. My blog is a mixture at the moment. Of sunshine and darkness. I’m no longer posting my photography here because I want to share them non anonymously. My goal of this blog is just to spread sunshine. Though at the moment I’m using it too to express my world and I really appreciate the support of people here.

      You’re always worth it. People who want you to change only do so because they don’t understand. Trust yourself and what’s right for you.

      Sending sunshine and sparkles….


  14. A great, and thought provoking, question. I take the world for what it is: so many fantastic and fabulous things we can all embrace, despite some who want to pull it down. For me, it’s important that we learn from the past, inhabit today (which is the hardest thing for me to do) and prepare for the future through making the world a better place.

    We can do this on so many different levels: the person who commits to take care of themselves instead of ignoring their health may turn out to be a true inspiration for others; the local school that wins a competition for designing access to public spaces prepares young minds to embrace the needs of others; a government that engages its communities on a wide ranging basis to help it manage the pandemic will ensure we get through this unusual time.

    There is so much to do, but as they say: β€œhow do you eat an elephant?” – β€œone bite at a time πŸ˜Šβ€

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    1. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate your thoughtful response.
      I love the line. One bite at a time. All that seems so impossible, is, in one go. But step by step it can be done.
      Living in the moment is definitely the hardest thing to do!!!!
      Thanks for passing by….
      Love, light and glitter

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