Have you ever wondered why the sky looks blue? Why you see an awesome sunset or sunrise at night of different colours? Read the following post to understand…. the picture is posted by DrUniverse, it’s not one of my own but part of the reblog.

Hi Guys! Today, I’ve got an awesome physics for you’ll. Hope you’ll enjoy! Why can’t I eat chocolates for breakfast? Why is the sky blue? Whenever I asked these questions as a child, I was told “it just is”. I’ll leave you to do the chocolate one but today I’m going to explain, why the […]

Why does the sky look blue?

Love, light and glitter


16 thoughts on “Why does the sky look blue? Reblog

  1. Great re-post, Eliza. Finally, good, knowledgeable answers to questions that have puzzled me for years.

    Happened upon a TV program a few years ago, in which someone who should’ve known better (a physics professor) opined the sky is blue because it reflects the oceans.

    I knew then the notion was ridiculous, as I do now. The only difference is, I’ve replaced that joke of an answer with one that’s worthy.

    Recognizing what seems to be your blog’s running theme, thanks for the brain-boost, Eliza!

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          1. I’ve got the mojo and twinkling stardust and you’ve got the glitter and sparkles. Let’s do this! Shabbat Shalom u’mevorach!! {{{vibes}}}

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  2. Thanks for sharing this, Eliza. A fantastic share that reminds all of us of the beauty and awe that surrounds us if we just open our eyes and see … “Keep your face to the sunshine, and you can not see a shadow.” ~ Helen Keller

    I loved this share, thank you. Keith

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    1. Yup Keith. I love the quote. Perfect reminder to give and think about others for whilst you are doing that you aren’t focusing on yourself and destruction.

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