Friday – Acts of kindness.

I love stories about teenagers and all they do. It’s inspirational and shows how every person can make such a difference.

This is a news article about 17 year old Seb who did 100 acts of kindness for 100 people. You can read the news here.

Giving helps me more than others. Spreading light brightens the darkest corners in our own world.

What act of kindness can you do this week?

My goal for the next 12 hours is that if someone asks me a favour, to say ‘sure’. By the time this posts 8 of those hours will be up. Today I gave someone a ride and focused on them for that time. The greatest kindness I can do is to myself. Although there are some ways I can’t be, there is one way I’m thinking of that I can. For the next 24 hours.

What kindness can you do for yourself?

Love, light, and glitter


31 thoughts on “F:AK – Can we make a difference?

  1. Any act of kindness is wonderful for both the giver and receiver. Lovely post.

    When I turned 50 (3 years ago) I made a pact with myself to do a random act of kindness every day for as long as i am able to (hopefully that is many,many years). It can be as small as a genuine compliment, paying for someones groceries, volunteering visiting an elderly lady etc. I love it and each day get a little smile. Hardly anyone knows that I do this which makes it feel more special to me. Imagine how nice the world would be if everyone did more random acts of kindness.
    Hope your recipients appreciate your kindness.

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    1. That’s gorgeous! I should try do the same.
      My recipient doesn’t appreciate it, but it’s not for her, but for me.
      Thanks for passing by πŸ’•
      Sending hugs and sunshine

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          1. I am going to call her today. She wanted me to try ice, Ibuprofen, and resting it for two weeks before I went in for MRI. She knows I am trying to avoid public places with the COVID-19. But, it’s not getting any better.

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              1. I found out that I have a tear in the tendon. I am wearing an arm brace and it helps relieve the pain. It could take 6-12 months to heal! But, I am glad I know what’s wrong. If it doesn’t heal after 12 months, I might need surgery. I think it will get better though.

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  2. Effervescent, Eliza! Really, what more is there to say? The inspiration you drew and the actions they inspired are far more eloquent.

    Oh, and add that to your list of accomplishments – you got me to shut up after just two modest sentences! How DOES she do it?

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