Posting this backdated because just saw it here.

Not for under 18s.

The last time 3 years

Was there a point to it

I wonder.

3 years ago

3 years ago I was ODing daily

I wasn’t eating

I was dancing with

Both life and death

In some ways reminds me

Of what I wrote yesterday

About living with Destruction and Life

As my friends

It was a time I never want to revisit

Now, now what’s different?

I guess some things are

Asides for AH, my ex therapist, no one knew

There was no one in my life

Now, there are people

(I’m scared I missed doing something I committed to do. I really may have and, and I better not have is all I can say).

I guess I’m not suicidal

Which I was then

And I’m more present in the world

If you talk to me, I’m here

I may doubt my reality, my truth

I no longer doubt my existence

Or the existence of the world

Asides for that though

It’s the same

I’m living the dance

Of destruction and life

I can’t give up destruction


6 thoughts on “Writing 5

    1. Hmm. That’s actually a really true thought.

      Thanks for passing by…

      Love, light and glitter


  1. Your poem has the same highways mine does. I know they are there, just keep a detour road block at the entrance. Take the one with the Sonshine. Not sure if Jesus has been a part in your life, yet He keeps certain exitts closed and His highway clean


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