Today’s been pretty good.

I don’t think I’ll sleep until I get some of this down…

This morning I took my mother out. Didn’t really do anything. Then went shopping where I found cute sandals for 12 and an easy soft top I like for 14. Then nothing. Then ran to a friend and walked with her. When I was running to her I spoke to my rabbi.

I messaged him earlier that I wanted his opinion. That was really brave of me. He called me. Hmm. I’ll share that part here too.

I wanted his opinion on commentimg/suggesting things to my parents, that if presented in the right way may be listened to, and would help others. I decided it wasn’t healthy so for the past few months I’ve tried to say nothing. His opinion was that it’s anyways not a healthy situation and that if I’m going to help others and I’m not taking responsibility then why not. I don’t think he’s right but will ask others still.

It was good to speak to him. Gave him a life update. Told him where I want to be in 3 years – I never knew that I knew what I wanted. I guess that if I know I have to make a plan of action for some of those things. It was just really good to speak to him….

Came home after running/walking and ended up talking to my mother. This is what I wanted to put down.

Oh, that’s where it came in. I’m going to write it as a new passworded post because it’s easier to explain with the details that I’m not comfortable writing in public. If you want the password you can ask.

Happy Monday!

Love, light and glitter


30 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Exercise is healthy. I have been stretching across my bed like my chiropractor told me to . I found it tightens up the muscles in my back and waist. Noticed my mind is more active and i am relaxed.

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  2. I say, Eliza, what a productive – and satisfying – day! In the past you occasionally wrote of “nothingness” baffling you. Certainly not the case recently.

    Of special note are several things you mentioned. First and foremost is your generosity, as you made time both for your mother and for your friend. A good sign, as it shows you have sufficient appreciation of your own worth, to spare a little.

    Also promising, is you considering what the rabbi told you, and reaching another conclusion. Again, that took intelligence and an ability to weigh your own qualities. Perhaps the rabbi suggested the right path, but you’ve made the journey your own. Brava!

    (Not that I’m entirely comfortable gainsaying the clergy, though I do believe he may agree with us.)

    Finally, as others have commented, the three-year plan holds such promise. It shows an ability to vault beyond everyday inanities, to grasp the immortal. Plus, any consideration of the future is, by definition, a profoundly optimistic act.

    I hope you bottled today, Eliza, to allow small doses of it to brighten the dark corners you find in those days yet to be.

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    1. You know that you act like a cheerleader? Thank you… really….

      It was good to speak to him. Good to update him on my life. Good to just catch up. It wasn’t so much what he said, as take or leave anything….

      How are you doing K?

      Love, light and glitter

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  3. On clarity, the more we clear a path, the easier it is to follow it later. I still get confused sometimes, but then I remember – that’s where I want to go. The path becomes easier to find and more familiar. I like that you enjoyed talking with your rabbi even though you didn’t think he was right about something. Glad you reached out to him.

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  4. Well it was on your mind and you had concerns so I think if you have a good relationship with your rabbi, it was perfectly acceptable to connect with him. I am glad the runs and nature are giving you more clarity about your life going forward and you are looking ahead three years – good for you Eliza.

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    1. He asked me about 3 years. Definitely surprised myself by having the answer to that!!!
      Yup. Hope to run today. I’ve so many pictures to post. That maybe I won’t post any lol…

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      1. Good Eliza – I am glad you let the answer roll right off your tongue. You said you’ve had a lot of storms and rain lately. We have a few good days, then a storm … tomorrow is good til sunset, then possible severe weather again. It’s like we can’t go a week without bad weather in the forecast – hopefully it fizzles out like this past Tuesday’s severe weather. Hope you got your run in – I am behind here again.

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        1. I feel like the sunshine brings storms …
          Here it’s cloudy, earlier awesome sun, earlier thunderstorm. Earlier rain. Earlier sun. Now 3pm. Will see what the rest of the day is…

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          1. We have severe weather rolling in here in the next hour and going to last off/on for six hours and then a stormy day Saturday- ugh. The rain and thunder is one thing, but the severe weather once again is another. Hail, high winds – tornado possibility but not near me as far as I am interpreting it. Hope it fizzles out!

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              1. Yesterday was kind of a dull day – we had storms Friday night and into Saturday so I stayed in and done stuff in the house. Today I worked inside and outside and walked first. Has your weather improved for running? Our 4th of July holiday is landing on a weekend so we are off next Monday.

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                  1. It will be boring Eliza – we’ll have the Monday off since the 4th of July falls on a Saturday. But it is going to be 90F (32C) degrees with a real feel of around 100F (37C) both days. I will go walk at a big park, but it will be early so I’m not out in the heat of the day.

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                    1. I know – too hot for my liking! Any walk will be done early when it is cooler and the people are shooting off fireworks til 12:00 a.m., if not 1:00 a.m. every night, not just the 4th, been shooting them off since mid-May.

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