I’m leaning towards bringing my journal out with me. I’m going to be driving delivering stuff, after that I can park by a walk nearby. I also want to run today. Not sure if I should run now, or after. I’d like to now in case I don’t after, but it makes me dizzy after and these deliveries are important so probably is best to deliver first, then run, maybe sit there first.

I was up until 7am. Then slept on and off until 10.

Just messaged the person picking up the deliveries from. If she doesn’t reply I’ll call her. They ideally want them done before 3 and it may take me 2 hours to do them so would like to leave sooner rather than later.

Funny, how all the things I thought I’d be writing when I sit down to write, I’m not writing. I know it’s good for me to clear my head. Ideally, theoretically, I should start journaling a couple pages every morning. It’s something I’d like to do one day. I’m not even attempting to start it now. I’m trying to keep up with running and that’s hard enough… and if there’s anything I really should be doing it’s studying.

I forgot about teaching last night. Sigh. I was meant to give 3 lessons this week and I gave one. I wanted to change the time Tuesday- or keep to it, I said I could – but my students mother didn’t see the message. Wednesday we had a lesson. My way of teaching is ground up. So I spent time online finding pictures and resources so she would understand the story more. Really it’s about reading. The lessons are about reading I mean. But my way of teaching is to fill in the gaps along the way. And anyways, she really needs to learn the words… know what the continents are. Except that we didn’t have our Thursday lesson yesterday because I completely forgot about it. I’m meant to text beforehand to remind her…

Anyways, over and out as they say on walkie talkies.


7 thoughts on “Journaling 101

  1. I loved to read your post today about your every day life and it makes me feel comforted somehow. Can’t explain. Sending you lots of love ❀️

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    1. The run did πŸ™‚ as did the deliveries. Being that I forgot to give the lesson…. hopefully I’ll remember this week…


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