30 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 20

  1. The bingo is so accurate! Amazing how you find all these things that make a person laugh on dull days!! πŸ’œ
    Hope you’re doing good.
    Love always,

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  2. Good ones, as usual, Eliza!

    The last one, about teaching the dog English, brought to mind an amusing exchange in “Rick & Morty,” a television show here in the US:

    M: I can’t – I have English homework.
    R: English? It’s the language you speak. How dumb are you?


  3. Awww wow, hugging lizards! I like the Mona Lisa mask. I saw someone in the newspaper had a mask on but had cut out holes for the nose and mouth so she could breathe more easily – d’oh!! πŸ˜‚

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                1. You can email me elizareasonstolive at gmail. I often take a while to reply. Anywhere between 2 minutes and a couple months, depending on my headspace at the moment…
                  Sending hugs…


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