So on edge. Shabbat soon.

Went for a drive. It helped whilst I was driving. Trying to consciously breathe properly. It doesn’t actually help at all. It helped when I was on the phone yesterday and someone else was talking.

I don’t want to journal because I know that if I do I’ll most probably cut off from it. And I hate the disconnect. When I journal whilst I’m on edge, when I tune into it, I usually disconnect from it, which makes me wonder where reality is, or if what I’m writing is even what I think. I rather not do anything that will create the disconnection. Journaling does help me but it’s not worth it. Asides that I’ve literally nothing to say.


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  1. Where is your calm place? If you have one. A place you go to or someone you spend time with that always calms you? Mine is sitting in a library or bookstore or on the river kayaking in the middle of the woods or on top of the mountain. Also the friend I mentioned before. She always is able to calm me no matter how I am feeling. Close your eyes and picture yourself there. Doing what it is that calms your heart and mind. The whirring thoughts are good to have at times but in those moments not so much.

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        1. Calm. Present. Green and brown are very grounding colours. I thought of writing a colours post:)
          Do you know colours? Like what each colour means/gives to you?

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          1. I cannot say I do know what colors mean. I can say what they mean to me. Take green since it’s my favorite color. It’s nature where I draw comfort, calm, peace, serenity

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  2. Our therapists keep telling us to lean into discomfort. Dharma says that avoiding what is creates suffering. It takes so much energy to do things. So we try to focus on one thing at a time. We are on new meds. Sleepy. You still feeling on edge? ❤️💕❤️🐬🐬🐬🌈🌈 extra hugs

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