Thank you Kamal for sharing this story. It was, is, so touching.

One day Susan went to the ATM at her bank to withdraw some cash.  When she put her card in the machine, she realized that someone had left a large amount of cash in the machine. It was $500! She immediately took the money inside and handed it to the Manager.  The Manager then asked […]

Read the story: An Act of Kindness………

We, I, forget how much one person can make a difference. What act of kindness have you heard about/can you do?

Love, light and glitter


10 thoughts on “F:AK – An Act of Kindness………

  1. Beautiful story, Eliza. Thanks for finding it for us.

    It ended well, of course, but not necessarily in the way I expected it to going in. Thus, it warmed the heart and energized the mind.

    A double-win, Eliza, for which I’m doubly thankful.

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  2. That’s a wonderful story Eliza – when you think there is no good in the world, you find out there is and that kindness sparked other kindnesses. I one time organized a fund raiser at work to raise money during the Ethiopia famine. We had a bakesale for three weeks between Thanksgiving and a week before Christmas. I had people charge $0.25 for their baked treat and the partners at the law firm matched the final total. We did that for several years – felt good about starting that ball rolling.

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