28 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 19

  1. The one with the kid writing about his mom… that reminded me, a friend from college (Carrie, she isn’t in my story yet because I met her junior year, late 1996, but she will be) recently sent me a picture of her 10-year-old son’s learning from home assignment… he wrote “none of your business” for his name on one page and “why are you still asking” on the next page.

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      1. Feeling fine… But yes, have been studying hard. Just finished some Hindi before visiting WordPress, will work on math afterward. How about you? Hope it’s going well!

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        1. Yup, all okay. Relaxing with no work and loving all the time.
          I’m glad you’re feeling better… good morning!!! Hope you have an awesome day…
          Love, light and glitter

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          1. Relaxing sounds awesome! Glad you’ve time off. Yes, I’ll try to have an awesome day. There’s slightly worrying news of Cyclone Nisarga, which makes it hard to stay positive, but I will try!
            You have a great day too!
            Love always,

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                    1. Nothing much, really… Studying, then exercising. Regularly videocalling friends, and planning someone’s birthday!
                      Life is slowly going back to normal… So really happy about that! Hope all is good back home for you?


    1. I think Eliza has a warehouse full of them somewhere.

      Moreover, despite the hilarity that ensues, and the chorus of laughs it produces, Eliza manages to maintain the warehouse’s secrecy.

      All the more effectively to surprise us the next time!

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        1. πŸ™‚ I don’t have Facebook… never figured how to use it. Weird how I can use tapes and tape recorders (cassettes) more easily than I can facebook. Being from this generation and all….

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  2. I always knew I was isolating before it was the thing to do. I watched a video about washing your groceries. The next time I brought groceries home, I followed the directions wiping everything down. Now I just wash the peppers and tomatoes. Ben had great printing!

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